Weekly Rundown: Southbound

There isn’t much I love doing more with my family than taking a big road trip. We’ve tripped across the US several times over. North Carolina to South Dakota a few times, all the way over to Glacier National Park, and who could forget our Laura Ingalls Wilder road trip?

It’s been a long, long time since our last big trip and we’re happy to be breaking our trip drought with a big road trip southbound, from Minnesota to Florida! We’re checking into a house on Rosemary Beach later today. The weather doesn’t look super amazing, but it doesn’t matter. We’ve got card games packed–you can see some of our favorites here–and we are just so excited to be AWAY together!

I’ll update you next week on everything we did, so if you’re planning a trip too, hopefully that will help you out.

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We had a full week up to our traveling days. Vacation dates are always a deadline for 1042 things on my list, so we did school, ran errands, and got a ton of tiling done in the bathroom. Here’s our weekly rundown…


On our trek to Florida, we’ve been in Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi so far. We’ve stayed in Mark Twain’s birthplace AND Elvis Presley’s birthplace–never a break from the history lessons. Sorry, kids.

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We are almost always home on birthdays, but this time Sophia’s birthday landed somewhere in the middle of Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Everyone always gets their own little Birthday Table on their birthday and a breakfast of donuts! #hutchkidsdoniecake

So Jarrod and I snuck out of the hotel before the kids woke up, found the most amazing local donut shop in Hannibal, MO and surprised Sophia with a donie cake and a makeshift birthday table in the car. Photocopied photos, clothes pins, and a birthday banner–surprise!

When we got to Tupelo, MS last night, she chose a Hibachi grill for dinner–so fun!


After our annoying mishap last week, I really really wanted to get the tile in the bathroom done. I’m over it!!

My goal was to get the shower and the floor done and grout when we get home. The shower is finished, minus one bullnose tile we were short and the floor didn’t get done. But I’m glad to have the shower done–that took forever!!


Wednesday, for St. Patrick’s Day, Vera had a really fun class with Nature Explorers, SQUILT Music, and Chalk Pastels. I love these monthly classes so much and I really love when these amazing ladies join forces and bring a special class to the kids. She ended up with a lovely journal page in her nature journal, a chalk drawing of an Irish countryside, and a music lesson on classic Irish harp.


Vera and I also planted a sweet resurrection garden too. I love how it turned out. Hopefully we have some grass popping up when we get home!


The kids and I are currently reading the following:

We are listening to this CD as we drive–Vera LOVES Odyssey!!! I ordered it because it was about road tripping. Unbeknownst to me, the family in the story is driving to Florida too. It’s so fun. She has several in her collection and has learned TONS from these CDs!


Florida is going to feel so nice after the big snow storm we got earlier this week!

We all got haircuts this week too, and Vera took a big leap! Mostly, she just hates having her hair brushed 😉

ON MY NIGHTSTAND…Packed in my suitcase!

Jarrod’s not excited about it, but I didn’t know what I’d want to read on vacation so I packed them all!


Quick List:

  • a car full of kiddos
  • traveling south!
  • seeing new things with my fam

What are you thankful for this weekend?

Talk soon!


  1. Have a wonderful trip! We are going to Destin in early May! Too bad it’s a different time! I would have loved to meet up in Florida! Post pictures!!

    Also, if you need somewhere to stay in IL, feel free to stop in here!

  2. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book The Huntress.
    I recently listened to it in audiobook. I really enjoyed it for the most part I just wish she didn’t use such stong adjectives at times.

  3. So glad you are able to get away!!! Hoping Florida is playing nice! We need a giant road trip, but maybe next year. It’s been a long while since we’ve driven across the country. We’re also doing the BFB Around the World II. Loving all the books! The early American history looks great. I must pace myself, lol. Loving these “entries.” Feel like kindred spirits from my side. Thanks for sharing you!

  4. Hi Alicia!

    I’m loving your updates and I really live that resurrection garden! Do you have a link to something you followed to make it? Or how did you go about it?

    Hope your trip is awesome!

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