How to Create a Simple Homeschool Planner

Every single late summer, since 2008, I have created a simple homeschool planner for myself. I found that throughout the school year, my planning would change, depending on the season. Having a simple homeschool planner that I am able to adapt to fit my planning needs is so helpful to me.

In this post, I want to show you exactly how I set up my simple homeschool planner, what’s inside, and why it has worked so well for me all this time.

How I Set Up My Simple Homeschool Planner

What’s Inside My Simple Homeschool Planner

I keep the inner-workings of my planner SO SIMPLE. What’s inside? Here are the sections:

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  • Planning- These are my notes for the school year, what our goals are. Also where I keep notes from any masterclasses I take or things I want to remember to do.
  • Seasons: I have a section for Fall, Winter, and Spring. Behind each of those goes the lesson plans for each season.
  • High School: Since I want to keep track of things a little closer for my high schoolers, I designate a section for that.

A Simple Homeschool Planner Set-Up: Video Tutorial

Why a Simple Is the Way to Go!

Sometimes we purchase a planner that looks so helpful, but we get into it and it just lets us down. Isn’t that the worst?! This is why the binder system is the way to go! If a certain planning page isn’t working for you, just pop them out and add a new one. If you want to add another section, just do it! It’s so nice to have that flexibility!

Where to Grab My Simple Homeschool Planner

I have been creating my own planner for years. You can find several different designs in my shop HERE!

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  1. Hi Alicia,
    I purchased a planner on the 14th, but have not received it yet in my inbox. I was hoping someone could help me with that. I have written a couple of times via the contact button on your website so trying this route. Thanks so much! I’m excited to start planning our year out!

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