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When Timberdoodle Company asked me to check out their new product, Simbrix, I was confused. Is it pixelated building blocks? Kinda like Perler beads but not? Something my kids would like?

The answer was yes to all.

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What are Simbrix?

To be honest, I had no idea before I received our package. Maybe this is the hands-on learning toy that slipped through the cracks or just hasn’t been discovered yet–it’s relatively new.

So what are these things?? Here’s what they have to say on the Simbrix website.

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“Simbrix are small connectable plastic bricks that slot together to form pixelated designs, that you can keep or re-use easily by taking them apart”

Simbrix was created in Nottingham, Great Britain. They have that simple European design to show for it too. But simple is far from boring. The Expert Kit that we received had 4000 (!!) pieces, including 17 colors–even some glow-in-the-dark pieces.

If your kids have ever created with Perler beads, this will remind you of the same concept–except–and I can’t believe I’m saying this because I love Perler beads–but these are actually better. Way better. Here’s why.

Your kid comes up with some great idea in their head. They peg it all out with Perler beads, get it arranged on the pegboard, and they’re ready for you to iron their design to solidify it forever. EXCEPT before you can get there with the iron, someone sneezes, or bumps the table, or God forbid YOU bump it with the iron and the design is gone! Tears, shouting, blaming–creative session halted.

Ask me how I know this. 

But wait! There’s a solution to the fusible bead drama. Simbrix have the same idea–your kid dreams up something they’d like to create–but there’s NO pegboard. There’s no fear of bumping or sneezing. These little guys lock together and create the same pixelated picture but not so fragile. You can iron them together to fuse them or they can easily take them apart and start something new.

My kids went right for flag making. They’re obsessed with Googling other countries’ flags and drawing them. So this is the same idea–just Simbrix style. They haven’t wanted me to iron any of their designs yet though because they want to use and reuse their Simbrix pieces.

Who would want to play with Simbrix?

I can already tell these are going to be a staple in our create crates that we have in our cabinet. But it might not be for everyone.

Do you have a kid under 5? Probably want to wait on this for them.

Does your child like to build with Legos? They would probably love Simbrix!

Do you have a child that likes to sketch or draw? Yes, this would be for them. Have them turn one of their drawings into a Simbrix creation!

What does mama love about Simbrix?

I loved that when I pulled out our bag of Simbrix, all three of my big kids descended upon the table and drove right in. It’s been very quiet at the table when the Simbrix are out–what mom wouldn’t love that!?

The handy bag was great in my opinion. No big box to find a place for. This minimal packaging is so great. I wish more companies would package this way.

I am planning on using Simbrix in our history, geography, and art classes when we get back to school after Christmas break. The kids can create flags on the countries we’re studying about–having to create this way will surely imprint in their minds more than just looking at a picture.

We have loved using Simbrix pieces. Have you ever used Simbrix?


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