12 Interesting Activities to Celebrate the Reformation

Today I’m sharing 12 Reformation activities you can do in your homeschool. We are studying Church history this year and it’s been so fun! This October, we are delving into the Reformation. In this post I’ll be sharing books, music, food, and more you can easily do in your homeschool this October.

The Reformation is an amazing time period in history to study because it shaped so much of the world today. Some say it began with Martin Luther’s 95 Theses nailed to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, but I think that is the bombshell that was preceded by so many ripples before it–read about John Huss!

Luther wasn’t looking for a fight or even a reformation, but just wanted to call to mind the unbiblical practices of the church and to be able to make the Bible available for anyone and everyone.

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The corruption in the Roman Catholic church needed to be exposed and Luther was just the man to do it. I have loved learning more about Luther’s life and other reformers. If you want to learn more with your kids too, here are some great ideas and resources!

Reformation Activities You Can Do with Your Kids

Trial + Triumph: We have been reading this book each morning this school year and it might just be one of my very favorite books I’ve read my kids! Each short chapter highlights someone from church history. It’s arranged chronologically: Early Church, Middle Ages, Reformation, Post-Reformation, Missionaries, and Modern Teachers. We just happened to land in the Reformation section for the month of October. I would definitely read with caution or reserve for older kids. There are some intense scenes and many of the characters are martyred.

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The ABCs of the Reformation: This is a similar book to the one above, but it’s more aimed at younger kids, which I love.

Luther Documentary: If you are looking for an in-depth look at Luther with your older kids, this is it. Ligonier created this one and it also comes with a study guide as well.

Luther: In Real Time audio drama: Another Ligonier production–so well done! The episodes are only 9-11 minutes so they’re easy to listen to over breakfast. We are starting it together this week.

Eat a German Meal: Since Luther lived in Germany, what better way to pique your sense of taste while you study the Reformation than a German meal!? We snagged a bunch of foods from Aldi during their Oktoberfest Week, but you can easily make your own homemade food: apple strudel, schnitzel, pretzels–all perfect food choices!

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Listen to Luther’s Hymns: Luther wrote at least 8 hymns–listen while you do math this month!

THIS awesome Printable from my friend Bree at the Homemaking Mama blog: It includes a hymn, recipe, coloring page of Luther, and more!

Torch Lighter episodes: Have you ever watched these with your kids!? They’re excellent! There are many episodes on Reformers. You can purchase a DVD or episodes individually for $0.99 on Prime. Just a quick warning, some of these are very intense. If you have a very sensitive child, you might want to preview first.

Take a Martin Luther Quiz and More!: Also on the Torch Lighter website, you can grab all sorts of activities on the Reformer you’re studying. There are coloring pages, quizzes, crosswords, activities, and more!

Write a Report: I had my teens write a report on what they’ve learned about Luther. Just a quick essay is such a good way to solidify what you’re learning together.

Mapwork: Another great activity is to grab a laminated map and sketch out the footsteps of many of the Reformers. Lots of them traveled around OR tried to keep from being killed by traveling to other countries.

Watch the Virtual Tour of Some Key Sites from Luther’s Life: If you can’t get to Germany right now–which how cool would it be to actually travel to Luther’s home?!–you can watch a virtual tour of some key sites from Luther’s life. Second best!

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