Q + A: Talking about Mom Guilt, Routine, When to Start Homeschooling and More!

Mom guilt? Routines? Is it too early to start homeschooling? We’re talking about all this and more on this week’s Q+A.

Every week on the podcast, for the next several weeks, I’m releasing a bonus episode every Thursday full of your questions. I’ve seen other podcasters do this and I love listening in to the random questions that come in.

This week, we’re talking mom guilt, structure and routine, when it’s too early to start homeschooling, and lots more!

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Below you’ll find the audio, the list of questions with timestamps, and any links or extra info you might want to know about my answers to your questions.

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It's Q+A time! We’re talking mom guilt, structure and routine, when it's too early to start homeschooling, and lots more!

Mom guilt, routines, is it too early to start homeschooling? Let’s get started…

[1:38] How do you get me-time without feeling mom guilt?

  • I make self-care time part of my day when the kids are occupied or asleep.
  • Read before bed.
  • Set a good morning routine.
  • Saturday morning is my workday, so I can focus on other things through the rest of the week/ day.

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[5:10] Do you sometimes feel like you aren’t teaching your kids the right material?

Not really, because we just follow the path of the next grades and cover the basics to mastery. We don’t move on until we’ve really grasped the concepts. For things like history and science, I know there will be gaps in their education and I can’t really help that. We will all have gaps. As their homeschool mom, I just have to make sure I’m teaching them how to learn on their own.

Check out our entire Curriculum Directory from all our years of homeschooling for more ideas.

[6:51] I desire structure and routine, but I often get derailed. Is it possible to create a flow when you homeschool?

It helps me to look at our day in blocks of time. For me, it looks like this:

  • Early morning (this is when I try to get in a good workout and morning routine)
  • Morning (breakfast, kids’ chores, homeschool)
  • Lunch
  • Early afternoon
  • Late afternoon (work/home/errands)
  • Dinner
  • Evening
  • Kids go to bed at 8pm and 9pm

[9:27] Can it be too early to start homeschooling?

I know it’s not a fun answer or even a popular answer, but in a word: yes, I do think you can start too early. Included in the episode is why I think pushing your kids to do school too early could have negative effects. Here are some links I talked about:

[16:16] Do you read aloud to your kiddos? And does your oldest join too?

We read aloud every day. More on who is in on the read-aloud time and who is not in the episode.

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