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Spring Fever has hit our house in a big way. Yikes! The sun is peeking out, baseball is in full swing, and the books are getting harder and harder to focus on. The thing is, though, it’s not even May yet. Too early to wave the summer flag yet. Dang.

So, I’m getting creative because my kids are feeling it too.

Spring is the time to change things up and I happened to find a fantastic online program that will help my third grader with her reading and spelling skills without a ton of prep work by me. Yes!!

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Nessy Learning: My Spring Fever Savior

I was given free access to Nessy Learning and compensated for my time in exchange for an honest review. I love working with companies that think OUTside the box, and Nessy does just that. 

Nessy Learning is a reading and spelling program that was designed for kids that might need come creative learning tactics, ie: dyslexic kids or kids with A.D.H.D.

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My theory is though, that when spring rolls around, our kids have been sitting inside for months upon months, and they all get a little extra wiggly (including me!) and creative learning tactics are a must!

How the Nessy Learning Program Works

Whenever I sign up for a new online program, I always have a bit of a hesitation in the back of my mind. With online learning, there is that element of ease on behalf of the parent–I don’t have to plan this stuff! My kid can log in and go to town!

But shortly after hitting the power button, I start to hear the neediness; “Moooooooom. How do I get logged iiiiiiiiin???” 


I just lost all my progreeeeess!!”


“I don’t get how to do thiiiiiiis!!!”

And yes, my kids draw out those vowel sounds when they’re feeling especially whiny.

So, I’m always a tinge apprehensive. Is this going to make things easier on me…or harder?

I have to say, when logging into Nessy Learning, I was pleasantly surprised. I created a log-in for myself, my daughter named her avatar (a funny monkey that my kids kept cracking up about), and she was on her way.

The players earn nuggets as they’re playing through the game–and it really does look like a game. I promise, your kids will never know they’re actually doing school. At the very beginning, if they watch a short, informative video, they’ll earn 20 nuggets right off the bat and have a really good grasp on how Nessy Learning program works.

Your little monkeys will take the Nessy Challenge. (By the way…it’s Nessy, like the monster.)

Warning: The Nessy Challenges are long. For the spelling challenge, your child will take ten spelling tests, with ten words each. It’s a lot of spelling words. Let them have a break or break it up over a few sessions.

Spelling/Reading Practice

For us, spelling needs a tad bit more work than reading does. So we focused on spelling. In our homeschool, it’s my belief that reading should be pretty well mastered before spelling even begins. Well, we mastered the reading part but have not picked up the spelling part yet. Until Nessy.

And turns out, Nessy is a pretty painless way to pick up spelling. 

The way the spelling practice works is your child will hear a word and then simply type it in. They’ll know if they’ve gotten the word correct or not right away. Nessy gives them more chances to try again. And even if they don’t get the word spelled correctly, they will still be able to move on to the next challenge.

On the reading side of things, this program is excellent for reading comprehension in a really easy way. Your child sees a sentence that is missing a word, they choose the correct word from a list of three. 

That’s it.

It’s that simple, and insanely effective. 

Two of my favorite things. 

More Great Features of Nessy Learning

Nessy Learning offers lots more than just reading and spelling. Nessy Learning also offers writing and math, depending on your subscription.

There’s a lot more than just quizzing. There’s games, printables, and interactive activities like bingo to help enforce each subject area.

For the adults, if you’re the type that likes to see your child’s progress, Nessy Learning provides an amazing admin area with reports so you can track progress. You’ll be able to see where your child might be struggling more and hone in on those areas or just be aware of them for future reference.

Learn more about Nessy Learning and their monthly subscriptions HERE. You can also follow them all over social media.

If this sounds like a learning experience you’re ready to dive into, you can save 15% with the promo code BLOG17.  

Also! Get their free ebook on dyslexia, Dyslexia Explained, by clicking right here. 

Happy spring, friends! 


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