Some might say that the Fourth of July marks the beginning of the end of summer, but we strongly disagree.  We’ve got way too many great things on our summer list without x’s by them.  Things like our reading lists, art week, learning to sew, and making ice cream.  Also about 15 more slow pool days. 

Strep throat and eye infections were not on the summer list, but since they are here anyway, we’re adding “watch movies and eat popsicles inside” to the list as well.  But before the germs joined the party….Independence:

We fully embrace the notion of festive foods, especially if that food is watermelon.

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The moment they’d all been waiting for, the fireworks, did not disappoint.  Their smoke-bomb scented hair as I tucked them into bed Friday night, evidence of their pyromaniac dreams come true.

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What I love most about summer is the break from the regular.  We’ve been lingering a little longer after dinner, keeping the squares of our calendar empty, and tucking in early so we can read together a little longer.  While taking advantage of the break from regular, I have been perusing homeschool catalogs (I have no clue what we’re doing for school this coming year…not one thing is planned), doing little projects, and reading.  A lot of reading.  I’ll be checking back in with you about my Summer Reading List next week.

The kids enjoy this non-routine too.  They’ve still been keeping up on math and reading, but other than their few required minutes a day, they’ve been playing like crazy.  Star Wars, making spy movies, Playmobil, Barbies:

Sophie is so patient with her new playmate.  Vera’s like a mini Godzilla, but Sophie doesn’t seem to mind.  They played with Barbies on the balcony forever this weekend, drowning them in their little pool, laughing the whole time. 

Also, we found that old washcloths make great Barbie towels when they’re cut in half.  Yay for summer learning!

Happy July!


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