What is the Magic Trick for Homeschool Math?

Across the board, one of the biggest hurdles in homeschooling is MATH! Today I’m really excited to share what I’ve found to be the magic trick for homeschool math, and this is My Math Assistant review.

We could all use an assistant, especially in the math department! So when Ken from My Math Assistant reached out to me about creating a sponsored post for you, I couldn’t wait because I know this will help so many homeschool mamas!

This review will share all you need to know about My Math Assistant, how we’re using it, and why it is the magic trick your homeschool might need right now!

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Keep reading for a special offer from My Math Assistant too!

Is there a magic trick for homeschool math? Read on for My Math Assistant review and learn how it can help you get on top of your homeschool math.

What is My Math Assistant?

It’s important to know if your kids are catching on to the math concepts in their lessons. They might work through a bunch of practice problems with you and do just fine. But when they do their daily lesson on their own, they could be making mistakes that cause them to get lots of problems incorrect.

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They might have just a small issue to master so they can move on to other concepts. Math builds on each other, so if they are getting little things wrong in their lessons, that will just build.

The problem comes when you have multiple kids and have multiple lessons to grade each day. That takes so much time!!

For me, I will realize I’ve slacked on correcting math lessons and have this huge, daunting pile that makes me want to cry!

This is where My Math Assistant comes in–to correct your math for you!!

If you use Saxon Math and are having trouble keeping up on math corrections, My Math Assistant might just be the magic trick your homeschool needs right now.

Simply sign up, register your kiddos with the book level they’re using, and they can input their answers from their lessons each day and My Math Assistant will correct it for you. You can also input the answers yourself each day, of course.

The regular price is low–$5 or $9 per month.

Also, My Math Assistant was created by a homeschool dad, which is really cool! Thank you, Ken!

But what is so helpful about My Math Assistant?

Why My Math Assistant Helps Homeschool Moms + Kids

For homeschool parents:

  • you’ll free up tons of time
  • there are grading reports included and
  • you’ll be able to easily identify concepts that need extra work

For students:

  • they can even correct their own lessons, which frees up even more time for the parents AND
  • gives them immediate feedback on their work
  • gives a feeling of independence
  • and helps students get a feel for how they’re doing on their daily work

Who should check out My Math Assistant?

  • Teachers and homeschoolers who use Saxon Math
  • Homeschoolers who need to free up time spent correcting daily lessons
  • Students who desire to have some independence

Special Offer from My Math Assistant

Right now is the perfect time to try out My Math Assistant! you can try this service for FREE! Ken is offering his service free to parents and schools right now to help them get through the rest of this tough school year. And I have a feeling there will be lots of people hanging on to this service for next school year too–it is just too helpful to let go of it!

Parents can sign up for the FREE TRIAL without any credit card info and use for 7 days.

Use code: 25OFF18788 for 25% off your first three months!

Schools using Saxon math are also welcome to try this service for free for 7 days. Just check out the textbooks that are offered by My Math Assistant and then contact their help department to sign up for your school for free!

I’ve told you why we love using My Math Assistant, but you don’t just have to take my word for it! Here are some other moms that are using and loving it too!

What others are saying:

This has changed our homeschooling life! I am no longer days behind trying to catch up on
correcting my daughter’s math. She has instant feedback and can try correcting her answers as she is
working on the problem. Thank you, thank you! -Amy J.

My husband and I have been homeschooling our three middle-grade kids for just two years as we
navigate living internationally and both working full-time at an orphanage. I discovered My Math Assistant
a few months ago and it has been life-changing. Math had been a real challenge with our time
restrictions, but now I can easily check in on exactly where my kids are struggling and spend my time
helping them rather than trying to catch up on grading! It’s given us the confidence to keep going with our
work and know that our kids’ education isn’t suffering. We are so grateful! -Niki P.

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Is there a magic trick for homeschool math? Read on for My Math Assistant review and learn how it can help you get on top of your homeschool math.


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