Mock 365: April and Monday Morning Randoms

Hello friends and goodbye April…
for some reason it is May tomorrow. Nobody asked me if it could be May yet, but it is all the same.
I was stressed out making this months Mock 365 collages. Picnik was so. darn. easy!
I kinda-sorta figured out how to do photo collages using Picassa. There was a little hair-pulling, but I got it. If anyone has any Elements tips, lemme know…
Easter @ Biltmore.
Such a gorgeous day. I swear a pastel-colored filter was cast over the whole lawn creating this beautiful Easter-y glow. It was magic (and I don’t even like calling things magic.)

Clockwise from left corner: Field trip to the farm; fun with friends; goodbyes in the airport; spring lambs; horse-riding; Spring flowers; the Blue Ridge Mountains; Sissy and Gramps saying goodbye after our surprise trip to South Dakota.
A fulllllll month for sure. Spring is my favorite. (as is any season we are currently in.)
In other random news:
The Farmer’s Market.
Our new Friday tradition to get our veggies for the week.
I admit, I bought these green packs of strawberries because I like the green box….and because Sophia took a bite out of a strawberry and put it back in the package….ahem.

The Jack’s at the farmer’s market. Have I ever told you that my friend Carissa not only named her kids (well just one) the same as mine, but we also have the same anniversary…like not just the day, but the year?! How crazy is that?
So ya, here’s the Jacks.

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The Farm.
We took a field trip to a farm last week. It was the cutest thing ever.
These people raise miniature horses, lambs, chickens…so many new babies and soooo cute!
The horse pictured below had just been born TWENTY minutes before we got there! I almost cried! I am a sucker for birth stories, but really TWENTY minutes?! It took him a while to figure out how to find food, but he did. So cute.
Spring and it’s new life.

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This weekend was super full. All day Saturday was spent here….

Yes, it was lovely. Carissa and I lived it up for hours in IKEA, had a super girlie lunch, then headed off to a Pottery Barn Outlet store…pure shopping joy.
Sunday was then assemble day. I bought a daybed for guests that magically transforms into a double bed AND has storage. It’s pretty cool. 

Ok, and last random…
Do y’all get Midwest Living magazine? Guess what’s on page 10?! Pretty excited about this one 🙂 These pillow are both in my shop or over at Dirt Couture, a gardener’s hayday. 

Today is the first day of week five of six in my master plan. Only two weeks of school left. School, finishing up projects, cleaning, and lots of other detail things are going to be smashed into these next two weeks. Is your May busy too? Let’s get started…
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  1. What a great bunch of pics! Too funny that she took a bite out of the strawberry and put it back! Kids, you gotta love 'em right? :o)

  2. Great photos! Your Easter pictures are beautiful!! And now I really want some strawberried 🙂

    Stopping by from lowercase letters!

  3. It's hard to believe it's May already your April was busy, that little pony drown carriage ride how cute was that!

    Happy May, Barbara!

  4. wow. your pics are amazing. love them. in the last pic you look like Becky from FarmGirl Paints and that's a compliment – she's adorable. Be blessed 🙂

  5. congrats on your pillow! again? first country living and now this? it's just because you're too fabulous 😉

    i loved your easter pics, y'all are such a cute family!! i can't believe you only have 2 weeks left of school…we're planning on going until my hubby gets out of school; not until june 22nd or something.

  6. Good night, lady! What overflowing fun in this post. The pictures are beautiful and way to be brave and make Picasa work – I'm going through major Picnik withdrawel! And good grief, congratulations on the mag feature! your cute pillows just cannot be ignored. So fun.

  7. Dang girl!! You've been busy. Isn't ikea wonderful.?? My husband lived insweden for 2 years and introduced me to the wonderfulness of that place year ago. It's still one of my favorite places:) congrats on the feature to..that is amazing!!

  8. i love love love your pictures. and i totally FORGOT about the mock 365 project this month. thanks for the reminder. lol! the Biltmore Easter pics are some of my faves from you. and a farmer's market is one of my very favorite things. oh, it's good to put a face to the other carissa. tell her hi from her name twin. : )

  9. I could spend DAYS in IKEA…love that place! Your pictures are absolutely stunning! Have you tried iPiccy or Picmonkey? I'm not sure if they offer collages, but I've used both sites several times. I sure hated to see Picnik go, too. I'm now a follower! 🙂

  10. WOWSERS!! What beautiful and FUN pictures! SO happy that you had some girl time- it is essential and necessary! Can't wait to see all that came home with you!
    You're famous- AGAIN!! Congratulations on your awesome pillows! I love knowing that I own one of those bad boys already! :)You are amazing girl friend- simply AMAZING!
    Hooray for the home stretch of school! I'm wishing I started the 5 week plan when you did! HA!
    Have a great day my dear one!

  11. so i just wrote the hugest comment eva! and it got errored out! GAH!
    basically…i;m so happy for you!
    i love your produce tradition…we started ours, too! yummmmy!
    your kids are adorbs!
    i'm jealous of IKEA.
    and i need your help being such an amazing planner lady!
    there…that about covers it! 🙂
    happy may!

  12. great pics girlie. looks like April was full and overflowing. i'm just a tad jealous of the IKEA trip! how fun is that!! loved the farm pics. so glad ya'll got to experience that.

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