KiwiCo Inspiration for Early Summer Fun

It’s that time of year again when we’re looking for fun things for our kids to do this summer. If you’ve been around for long, you know I am not the type to fill our summers to the brim. I like open white space on the calendar for spontaneous summer fun–like creative projects with KiwiCo.

In this post, I’m going to share a project Vera and I did recently–a cool light-up shadow box and how we’re planning a relaxing, creative summer.

Slowing Down with KiwiCo Projects this Summer

This summer, I’m hoping for:

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  • loads of summer reading
  • planting flowers with my girls
  • lazy walks along the lake
  • making floral bouquets from flowers from the yard
  • and creating fun projects with KiwiCo crates

This month, KiwiCo provided us with some of their kits to try out: the Doodle Crate and the Tinker Crate.  We love working on these crates and all opinions are ours!

KiwiCo provides tons of lines for different ages and interests so there is never a question of finding one you like. I must say though that we have decided the Doodle Crate and Tinker Crates are our very favorites, but we’re also trying out a newer line, Maker Crate and really loving it so far!

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Summer Learning: KiwiCo Crates Teach Science, Art and More

Each and every crate my kids and I have done together teach at least one interesting science concept. KiwiCo does a great job of this using short stories in the booklet, further information, and the project itself.

When we created this light-up shadow box, we learned about dimensional art, how vellum looks with light shining through, how different colors of translucent plastics look in front of light, and more. I always love that there are several different options for creating these projects–your child does not need to follow their exact sample. They can follow to steps with their own unique twists.

Quick Facts About KiwiCo

  • You choose the crate you want and your child will receive one per month (except the Panda Crate for 0-24 months, which is every other month).
  • Each box comes with the tools, materials, and inspiration to explore that month’s project and theme.
  • If your child’s interests change or ages out of a line, you can easily switch from one line to another and change it up.
  • Pricing starts as low as $18.50/month.
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Click Here and use code LEARNINGWELL for 50% off your first month! (That’s only $11.98 for your first month!)

Let’s Let Our Kids Have a Relaxed Summer!

Instead of filling our kids’ days with obligations and scheduled events, let’s provided them with a free summer. Free to be bored, create, make, and play! Even older kids need this time to use their brains, get off the screens, and enjoy a good project.

Check out more from KiwiCo HERE!

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