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Is KiwiCo worth the money? Are the KiwiCo creates good quality? Do kids really enjoy these boxes? Today I want to share my KiwiCo review of their kits–specifically their Maker Crate, a new line from KiwiCo that is more of a workshop than a project.

I love to share about KiwiCo because it has been such a wonderful addition to our homeschool days. We used these crates as additions to our science curriculum, for rainy days, freezing days in the winter when we want to stay in and be cozy, and hot days in summer. When I share about these crates, people want to know about the money aspect, the quality, if kids actually like them, and what to do with all the projects when you’re done with them!

All of these are great questions, so I’m going to share about all that here and show you the latest project we did with KiwiCo’s Maker Crate–paper marbling!

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KiwiCo Review: What Box Should You Get?

When we started getting KiwiCo boxes, there were just a few options. They have since expanded to offer lots of boxes for lots of ages and interests. Here’s a quick list of what they offer, what boxes we’ve tried and what we are currently subscribed to.

KiwiCo Crates for the Younger Years

  • Panda Crate: Ages 0-24 months for Exploring + Discovering
  • Koala Crate: Ages 2-4 for Playing + Learning
  • Kiwi Crate: Ages 5-8 for Science, Art and More! Vera received this one for a long time. The projects included are adorable and so fun. She’s made her own games, learned about animals, and more.
  • Atlas Crate: Ages 6-11 for Geography + Culture We tried this one out and it’s perfect to add to your geography studies!
  • Yummy crate: For ages 6-14 to help kids learn cooking skills and more

KiwiCo Crates for your Older Kids

  • Doodle Crate: Ages 9-16+ for Art + Creativity. I hate to pick favorites, but this one is my favorite!! I am SO impressed by the projects in this crate and would love to get it at some point too. There are art mediums and techniques included that I would’ve been too intimidated to go out and buy all the supplies and teach on my own. HIGHLY Recommend this one!
  • Tinker Crate: Ages 9-16+ for science + engineering. This one has been our longtime family favorite. First I ordered it for my boys several years ago for about a year. They got busy with other things and lost interest as they got older, but Sophia (then about 8) would always be really interested in it too. So, one year for Christmas I ordered her a subscription. She LOVED Tinker Crate for the longest time!
  • Maker Crate: Ages 16-104. This crate and is designed for creatives wanting to make things at a more difficult level. They’re geared for older kids, but Vera (10) and I just completed one of these kits. They’re more of a workshop than a project. These crates are amazing!!
  • Eureka Crate: Ages 16-104. We subscribed to this one for a while and it was awesome!

What are the details of the Crates? What’s included? Can you use it with multiple kids?

  • What comes in the boxes? Every single thing you’ll need to create something pretty cool. Everything from the glue to a random pushpin to a package of fiber optic strands. It’s all in there. There’s also a large sheet with the instructions and a “magazine”, which is a booklet with a ton of info and other ideas about the month’s topic. Typically there are more projects in the magazine so the box includes way more than just one project.
  • How flexible are the ages? That depends. I have found the recommended ages are pretty accurate. The crates for older kids are pretty involved, but I like doing them with Vera if she needs help. You can certainly buy it for younger kids and make it a group project with older and younger and yourself.

A few other things I like about KiwiCo:

  • The directions are so clear and perfect for kids who might not be the most thorough of instruction-readers.
  • The project will sometimes require them to use even the box it came in. I really like this.
  • There are always a few extra pieces included in the kits.
  • Getting happy mail each month is so much fun!
  • I get an email when it’s shipped, so I know it’s coming. I also get a heads-up on what kind of project is coming, which helps us get all excited.
  • These are projects I would probably never do otherwise. There’s a lot of pieces involved, sometimes pieces that would be hard to find. I like the convenience. It’s SO nice.
  • It’s quality stuff. It really is. We’ve signed up for other monthly subscriptions and what we’ve got does not fit the bill. But this? Totally worth it!

Great Deals on KiwiCo

Final Thoughts on my KiwiCo Review

So, to summarize, we really love KiwiCo Crates. After getting several of the different lines, we have decided the Doodle and Maker crate are our favorites. We love how these crates make really useful items we can give as gifts or keep and use. Vera now has an entire set of unique stationary she’s made with marbled paper–I love that!

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Need more ideas?

What about you? Have you tried KiwiCo? What is your KiwiCo Review?

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