What’s your homeschool curriculum enneagram type?
Enneagram, Meyers Briggs, your star, your Chinese year…we love to label ourselves right? It never fails, every time I take a personality test I’m a cross between Judge Judy and Martha Stewart and Darth Vader. So I don’t put all my faith in thus stuff. But I DO find some value in it. We are almost always a mix of letters and numbers. But it seems common these days to know your numbers. (I’m an estj-a, 1 and a rebel) in case you feel bossed already (that would be a normal response).
And if you’re a homeschool mama, you might be wondering: what’s your homeschool curriculum enneagram type?
While I don’t think that we should put all our trust in these tests, I do find them to be very interesting and we can find some good information or confirmations about ourselves by taking them.
I like the enneagram. Nine numbers. Boom. Done. Pretty simple. But also powerful stuff when you start mixing those nine into crazy stars and triangles. But just for simplicity’s sake, we’re going to go with your top number. I’m a one. The bossy one.
When we start homeschooling for the first time or we’ve been at it for a while and things aren’t jiving, we might need to look at our approaches and the resources were using to teach.
Let’s play matchmaker
What I want to do is this: match your enneagram with a few pieces of curriculum that I anticipate would be a good choice for you.
Fun right?! Let’s do it.
We do a whole section on this in the Rookie Homeschooler’s Masterclass too. We go in depth on each type and how that might affect your homeschooling styles. Also, things to be mindful of when you do lean hard towards one type or another.Having a hard time choosing homeschool curriculum? Here's some homeschool curriculum choices based on your enneagram type.

Finding your Homeschool Curriculum Enneagram Type

First off, take the Enneagram test if you’d like to get a good idea of what type you are. Some might be able to tell their type just by reading the description, but you might be surprised when you take the test 😉

TYPE #1: The Reformer is rational, purposeful, self-controlled, and principled

The pros of being a reformer homeschool mama: inspiring, objective, disciplined, moderate in all things

The cons: inflexible, intolerant, too perfectionistic

As a homeschool mama you’re going to be a great leader! You’re going to start things! And you’re definitely going to inspire others. Even though it’s a good thing to be driven and ambitious, being TOO much a driven person can driver other nuts! Keep it in check by exercising your homeschool freedoms and letting go of perfectionism.

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Here’s some curriculum ideas for you.

TYPE #2: The Helper is caring, generous, people-pleasing

The pros: you’re compassionate, you’re forgiving and have strong connection with your kiddos

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The cons: your good feelings might be tied in with your kids’ performance, the tendency to meddle in others’ affairs, be overly-involved or overbearing.

As a homeschool mama it may be a good idea for you to become involved in a co-op. You love to pitch in and help out after all, you’ll be a great person to plan parties for the group! You will probably do well with a structured curriculum. Remember that even though you ARE homeschool mama, you were mama first. Your kids need to know that you are crazy about them regardless of their ability to add and subtract fractions, right!?

Here’s some curriculum ideas for you.

  • The Good and the Beautiful curriculum
  • My Father’s World

TYPE #3: The Achiever is success-oriented, adaptable and driven

The pros: you’re ambitious and energetic

The cons: you have a fear of failure, and are apt to comparing yourself to others often

An achiever homeschool mama loves a checklist so she can check that thing off! You might do well to create your own curriculum by piecing your favorites together. Also, maybe use that ambition to create lots of fun projects in your homeschool! Be aware of expecting too much from your kiddos and comparison. You can’t fail your kids. Hang onto that energy instead!

Here’s some curriculum ideas for you.

TYPE #4: The Individualist is sensitive, expressive, and self-aware

The pros: you’re creative and inspired to try new things

The cons: you may become alienated from others or become lonely

As a homeschool mama you might find success in creating your own curriculum for your kids. Art, theater, and other creative endeavors should be included in your planning as it is part of who you are! A boxed curriculum probably will not be the best option for you as your creative spirit may keep you hopping! Be aware of the tendency to become alienated by your sensitivities and keep fun things on that calendar that keeps you getting out and about.

Here’s some curriculum ideas for you.

TYPE #5: The Investigator is perceptive and innovative

Pros: You’re a visionary and you’ll create the best environment for your kids, you are open-minded and love to make discoveries.

Cons: Given your ways of investigation and research you can find yourself isolated from others and/or avoiding social connections.

You will need loads of books in your homeschool. Science and STEM might be some of the best areas of your homeschool. To avoid isolation, make sure you’re joining a co-op or other fun social groups to continue those connections.


Here’s some curriculum ideas for you.

TYPE #6: THE Loyalist is committed, engaging and responsible

Pros: You are in it for the long-haul, you have the awesome ability to work well independently and in group cooperatively

Cons: You have deep fears that can sometimes lead to panic, you can struggle with low self-esteem and feelings of inferiority

As a homeschool mama, you will want to find things that allow your kids to work independently and also as a group. A good mix of both will be great for you. Another tip is to do some outsourcing. Get a tutor or other help that will assure you of the areas you feel fearful about.

Here’s some curriculum ideas for you.

TYPE #7: The Enthusiast is busy and spontaneous and of course, excited!

PROS: enthusiastic, you take pleasure in simple delights, you’re excited about life and generally a cheerful person.

CONS: you can be scattered and lack focus.

I think a great option would be unit studies for you. Focus on a topic for a few weeks or a month and move on! Your enthusiasm can sometimes mean you’re scattered. Continuing to change things up with a different monthly unit will give you that constant shake=up. Your kids will love this too! Also, monthly planning will probably be great too. Planning a whole year in advance will probably only make you feel like a failure one month in.

Here are some curriculum ideas for you.

TYPE #8: The challenger is confident and decisive

PROS: You are passionate and a natural leader

CONS: you can be heard-hearted and sometimes insensitive

You do lots of research because you’re ready to make sure things are well thought out. Any type of scripted curriculum probably will not work well with your personality type. Focus on reading and writing in your homeschool as you are probably doing a lot of that already. Be mindful of the way you speak to your children as your natural leadership my come through as insensitive and harsh to kids.

TYPE #9: Peacemaker is easy going and agreeable.

PROS: You are fully connected to your kids, a calm-influence and patient!

CONS: Because of your laid-backness you can be neglectful and forgetful of commitments or tasks that must be done.

If this describes you, you might be well suited for lots of writing projects and nature studies. Being outside in nature is a great way to do school. Maybe you could explore more CM styles or even unschooling.

What’s your homeschool curriculum enneagram type?

Knowing your family’s learning style, embracing what you’re already good at, and being true to yourself will help you be the best homeschool mama you can be.

If you’re starting from ground zero, this info might be super helpful…BUT remember that each year that you homeschool your kids, you’ll be learning even more about your family and yourself. Be wise and willing to embrace that knowledge and allow it to change and refine you.

No one ever got better at something with staying the exact same forever.

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Having a hard time choosing homeschool curriculum? Here's some homeschool curriculum choices based on your enneagram type.


  1. Do you have any recommendations for figuring out what ones enneagram is? For moms and/ or kids ?

  2. I laughed it’s so spot on! I’m a five and we’re currently using Beautiful Feet Books, also Science/ “stem” is definitely my kids favorite, and I’m very skeptical of co-ops.

  3. Oh I am so jazzed up about this connection! I so enjoy the enneagram and other personalize assessments! Thank you for putting this together!

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