How To Easily Teach Your Kids Handcrafts

One of my goals for the new year was to sew more. I used to do handcrafts just for fun and sew all the time, but things like this are the first to go by the wayside when we’re busy. So when The Maker’s Club asked if I would review their online craft club, it was an easy yes! I wanted to teach my girls how to sew with a pattern and learn that crafting isn’t just making stuff, but instead, learning a skill like sewing is something you can take into adulthood!

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Handcrafts Add to the Beauty of Everyday Life

I think it’s really easy to push handcrafts aside. We’re so busy and it seems impossible to add something else into our days sometimes. But I love creating things with my hands. I love to teach my kids the value of creating too. Almost anything can become an art for the homemaker…making meals, baking bread, wrapping gifts, and of course, sewing.

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Being able to give a handmade gift to a friend is so special. Something handmade, with it’s quirkiness and not-so-perfect finishes, bring a gift meaning–and definitely beauty to the everyday task.

Creating Handcrafts Inside Maker’s Club

I didn’t know what to expect when I opened up the membership of The Maker’s Club, but I was pleasantly surprised to see tons of videos about the skill–not just instructions for projects (although there are plenty of tutorials too!).

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Inside The Maker’s Club are lots of different sections on different skills:

  • sewing on the sewing machine
  • handsewing
  • yarn crafts
  • clay projects
  • and a section for quick projects and holiday projects

I loved that when I clicked on the first one, Sewing Machine Projects, there were tons of videos on how to use a sewing machine. How to thread the bobbin, all the different sewing tools you might need, changing the needle, and so much more. These are extremely helpful because these can be frustrating lessons as you learn to sew. The videos were very simple and easy to follow and I definitely learned some things too!

What We Created

There are a plethora of projects in The Maker’s Club, but I really wanted to focus on sewing projects. You can choose several sewing machine projects from easy to more challenging in skill. We started with an easy project: an adorable chapstick holder to clip onto a backpack. Vera loved this and moving from this project to the next one, a more challenging one, was a great way to elevate our crafting! She was able to very quickly see how a simple skill like sewing can be used to create more and more intricate designs.

Our more challenging project was a tote bag. This one really grew Vera’s skills. She learned to change the thread in the sewing machine, how to follow cut out a pattern and then use that pattern to cut out the fabric, create seams, and more.

The tote bag included boxed corners on the bottom, a lining, and sturdy handles. It was a perfect project for her and she loves her new bag! She’s using it for her piano books for lessons, which is a great way to show her that our handcrafts have a purpose! This is such a motivating reason to learn skills like sewing.

Why We Love Maker’s Club

  • Easy to navigate the platform.
  • Lots of different crafting mediums.
  • Video tutorials, but also lots of videos on the basics of the skill.
  • Kids can earn badges on the dashboard of the Maker’s Club, which is really fun and motivating!
  • Gives kids knowledge about skills they can take with them into adulthood.

I highly recommend checking out The Maker’s Club. We have thoroughly enjoyed our membership! If you’d like to try it out too, I have a discount code for you!

50% off first month of the Makers Club
using the code MAKERSCLUB50 | Expiration date July 31, 2023

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