How to Set Doable New Year’s Goals + a Free Goal Tracker

Save $10,000! Read 150 books! Exercise every day! These are all great, but I find that if I don’t get my goals out on paper, they usually don’t happen.

Whether you set goals, resolutions, or don’t like to think about it–we’re going to hash this out today. Stick around because I’ve even got a free goal tracker for you!

Let’s work through the “why’s” of goal-setting and get our motivation right. Let’s talk about breaking down your life into categories before starting to goal set.

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Listen in here for all the goals, how I break down my goals and having your best year yet!

There's wishes and then there's goals. We want to set goals! Here's the way to set doable goals and a free goal tracker to keep you going.

How to Set Doable Goals: Episode 17

Through the episode, you’ll hear how I categorize my goals into my own “roles.” For me, this is: Home, Work, Family/Marriage, and sometimes I set goals for Homeschool too.

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Under each of these categories, I have several specific goals. NO vague goals allowed.

For example:

“Read more,” is a pretty vague goal. But “read 50 books this year,” gives me a number and a timeline. This is a much better goal!

Links + Mentions from this Episode:

Your Free Goal Tracker

If you’re like me and need paper and a pen to help keep you on track, I’ve got you covered. Print out as many of these as goals you have, post on a clipboard and hang up so you keep seeing and and reminding yourself to keep going!

Currenly List:

Obsessed with: Our Echo Dots!

Loving: 1 Second Everyday App

Needing: to set appointments for myself!

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