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I am always keeping an eye out for my kids’ doodles. My kids doodle on the edges of math lessons, assignment notebooks, and even in my planner if I leave it open. These little doodles always make me smile. A box in my closet holds many little notes with sweet words and drawings. I knew I had to get my hands on this doodle journal when Timberdoodle asked if I was interested in reviewing it.

A journal specifically designed for doodles?!

Yes, please!

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I received a copy of Doodle Your Day from Timberdoodle Company in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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A Rundown on this Doodle Journal

  • Doodle your Day is a non-reusable journal for each of your kids to use. No sharing on this one, only individual creativity here!
  • The journal is dated, but if you missed a few days, they could easily be made up. (Or left blank!)
  • The journal is dated, but not by year. We started it in September, are planning to go to the end of the year, and then starting at the beginning in January. I’m just having Sophia write the year on her days for future reference.
  • The pages are thick enough to handle markers without running through. Love that!
  • The journal prompts cover a variety of subjects–vocabulary, favorite things, ideas of things to do, silly prompts, and more.

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Thoughts on Doodle Your Day Journal

My daughter and I both think this journal is awesome! We start our day with it. I leave it on the table with her assignment notebook each morning so she can start her day with doodling.

Your child might not be a candidate for Doodle your Day if they don’t like drawing. But they could definitely write words instead of draw or vice versa.

Doodle your Day could be used in many ways. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Story starters/writing prompts if your child is stumped
  • A quiet activity for the car or waiting room
  • Form of communication on crabby days when writing or doodling is better than talking
  • Piquing interest for activities–like when my daughter wrote Hubs and I a card for our anniversary when her journal reminded her to do something nice!
  • Vocabulary builder–Doodle your Day introduces lots of new words!

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Most noteworthy thing about Doodle your Day? It makes my daughter happy? She squealed when she started looking through it on that first day. She does it everyday with joy! And when school is comprised of some things that don’t always bring on the celebrating,  *cough*math*cough,  I like to relish in the joy makers.


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