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A Day in the Life of Homeschool Mama Cynthia

A Day in the Life of Cynthia, Homeschool Mama of One

Day in the Life of Homeschool Mom Cynthia

I’m Cynthia. We aren’t your regular homeschool family at all. I only have one son but I take care of all 4 of my nieces and nephews. I also homeschool my two nieces and do the whole public school car line thing for my nephew. And my baby nephew who is 1 keeps us busy all day. We garden, skateboard around our neighborhood, jump in our van and go from robotics to music to car lines and back to make dinner most days. Squeeze in school and then I squeeze in some photography. We laugh a lot and all the kids think I’m crazy. It’s probably true.

Good morning!

I’m so happy to be here and share my day with you all. This is my morning. The only time of the day where it’s quiet. No lie. My son will wake up soon. My sister will drop off her kids soon. It will suddenly get really loud and our day will begin. In the quiet I make my coffee, read a bit and catch up on any emails or editing I have. If I didn’t do it the day before this is the time I write our list on our chalkboard. Writing this list on that board has helped our crazy schedule. The kids know what needs to be done and they work through it. Along this day if you have any question or need me to clarify anything please ask. I’d be happy to answer.

Starting our Day

When I leave to drop off my nephew at school they all start their math. We always start with math. They start with fresh minds and good attitude. It’s also the subject they want to get out of the way the most. As they finish I correct their work with our highlighters. They correct the ones they got wrong and I help them through the problems. As they finish they play with the baby until everyone is done to move on to something we do together. They have the option to begin an assignment they do on their own. They each have a binder for each subject that they continue their work on.

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Nature Journaling

Right before lunch they nature journal. Wednesday’s and Friday’s are the days we get the most done. The kids don’t have any classes until the afternoon. So it’s the days we are home longer. After that we go outside. They skate, help me garden, try to befriend a scrub jay in our backyard. And often they will grab their next subject and take it out to the yard. 

Schooling During Naptime

When Nathan takes his nap is when I do my one on one with Leila. Leila is new to homeschool. She’s only been with us a few months. She was struggling in public school so we decided to have her join us to get more individual help.

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My son Javier and my niece Sky are only 1 year apart. So they do everything the same. They take turns with our history books. When one is using it the other is doing their book of centuries or they have a book they edit paragraphs on.

Sometimes life gets crazy and if the baby wakes up sooner then we expected Leila knows to grab her maps book and activity book and work on that until one of the big kids can play with the baby and we can continue.

Finishing the Day

My sister picks up her kids at 4. That’s when I usually pick up or go to the market like today. We run errands if we have to. At this time my son who is an only child winds down. As much as he loves to be around friends and family he sure does love his alone time. And I as an introvert truly love how the house goes back to quiet. I make dinner and go back to editing and get ready for the next day. It was fun sharing with you all today.

Thank you so much to Cynthia for sharing your family’s day with us!

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