11+ Favorite Cookbooks That Will Make You Want to Cook

Do your favorite cookbooks inspire you to cook more? They totally do that for me! When I’m standing in a friend’s kitchen, I usually find my eyes going to their cookbook shelf, pulling a few off and seeing what’s inside.

A great cookbook can inspire me to use different ingredients, plan better menus for my family and try new things. But we can definitely get stuck in a cooking rut. A new cookbook can get you out of it!

This post will show you over 11 of my very favorite cookbooks for myself and my kids. I’ve gone through each cookbook and shared why I love them and some of my favorite recipes from each as well!

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Enjoy…and get ready to be inspired to cook!

My Favorite Cookbooks that will make you want to cook!

Do good cookbooks motivate you to cook more? They do for me. Here's an awesome list of all my favorite cookbooks that will make you want to cook!

The first cookbook is a classic. I go this one for a wedding shower gift and It’s such a tried and true standby!

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  1. Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook
  • best cookbook for basics
  • learning about cuts of meat
  • basic chocolate cake recipe
  • how to cook certain cuts of meat and more
  • I LOVE the pecan pie recipe in here–it’s the best!

Pioneer Woman Cook Books in order of favorite:

These cookbooks are some of my very favorites! Ree Drummond has many cookbooks and a new one coming out soon. I have yet to run across one of her recipes I didn’t like. I’ve listed the Pioneer Woman cookbooks in order of my favorites with our favorite recipes from each book.

  1. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl Christmas cinnamon rolls, Sunday roast, lasagna
  2. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier – pulled pork, iced coffee, chipotle steak salad
  3. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays – Christmas menu, Easter, Fourth of July
  4. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Dinnertime – favorite sections: freezer food and 16-minute meals
  5. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Come and Get It! – really simple ideas – favorite sections: sheet pan dinners and lunch on the go

Eat at Home Tonight by Tiffany King Cookbook

  • sections on slow cooker, if you have more time, and if you have nothing in the pantry
  • My favorite sections: slow cooker and sheet pan.
  • Favorite recipe: autumn chicken skillet!

Against All Grains by Danielle Walker –

  • This is a paleo cookbook, but even if you don’t eat paleo, it’s such a great cookbook!
  • Favorite sections: menu plans, baking recipes, snacks
  • Favorite Recipes: pumpkin muffins, banana bread, trail mix granola bars

Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook by Jessica Fisher – –

  • Jessica blogs at Good, Cheap Eats and Life as Mom
  • I love her plans on doing a freezer cooking afternoon

Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering by Joanna Gaines –

  • I love it because it’s gorgeous!
  • So pretty to have on the counter.
  • Favorite recipes: quiche, after school banana bread, poppyseed bread

Favorite Cookbooks for Kids

American Girl Cookbook Series – (partner with William Sanoma)

  • Really beautiful!
  • I love them because they’re written for girls, but the recipes are still really challenging and not “dumbed-down.”
  • Favorites books:

The Forest Feast for Kids

  • It’s a vegetarian cookbook, but recipes for all
  • Pretty enough to use as decor
  • Favorite recipe: rosemary shortbread!
  • Also includes: pizza, dessert, sandwiches, and party ideas

Honorable Mention:

The Little House Cookbook

This one is SO gorgeous! We just got it this fall, but have yet to make anything from it yet. There are excerpts from the books, which I just love!

Some Cookbooks on my Wishlist right now:

Episode 49: Favorite Cookbook Timestamps

  • 5:22 – Cookbook Intro
  • 6:32 – Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook
  • 7:24 – Pioneer Woman Cookbooks
  • 13:35 – Eat at Home Tonight
  • 15:39 – Against All Grains
  • 17:24 – Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook
  • 21:30 – Magnolia Table
  • 22:23 – Cookbooks for Kids
  • 22:48 – American Girl Cookbook Series
  • 23:28 – Forest Feast for Kids
  • 25:16 – Currently List

Listen in here:

Do good cookbooks motivate you to cook more? They do for me. Here's an awesome list of all my favorite cookbooks that will make you want to cook!

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