Top 3 Reasons You Will Love a Chalk Pastels Membership

We have been long time users of our Chalk Pastel Membership. If you’ve been a reader for very long, you know we love history in our house and we really love ART in our homeschool. What I absolutely love is when I find a resource that can go between subjects and help tie it all together and make a topic all the more rich.

This is why I love our Chalk Pastel membership. I can go into my dashboard and find chalk pastel lessons on almost any topic we are studying in history–and sometimes Bible, science, and more too!

The hard thing for homeschool moms though, is that there are TONS of memberships to choose from and it all just adds up so quickly, doesn’t it?!

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Our time and money are always in low stock, it seems, so in this post I wanted to share an easy, straight-forward TOP THREE reasons why the Chalk Pastels membership is beneficial to our homeschool. We love this membership for many reasons, but here are the three at the top of my list.

We can't get enough of our Chalk Pastel membership. Here are the TOP 3 reasons we love it and think you will too!

Art Lesson Calendar

Vera and I absolutely love the listening calendar for the music appreciation course, SQUILT. The Chalk Pastel art lesson calendar is the same idea–only your daily dose of chalk pastel!

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Inside your membership, you can click on the art lesson calendar for the month and each and every day has an art lesson your child can do. Most dates have a video to walk your child through it as well, which is great. These are a great way to start your day: just set out the paper and pastels and load up the membership dashboard and your child can create a beautiful piece of art in just a few minutes.

Most art lessons are about 15 minutes long. I love this for Morning Meeting, summer days where it’s too hot to go outside, and days where I just want to add in some fun without having to do any prep work at all.

As I open up the art lesson calendar, the variety of lessons is just endless. With a quick look over the calendar, I see lessons on space, American history, sharks, birthdays, maps and geography, National Parks, national monuments, and more!

The Chalk Pastel art lesson calendar is just so incredibly fun and easy to use. This feature of the membership is at the VERY top of my list of benefits!

Endless Chalk Pastel Courses

When the wonderful ladies at Chalk Pastel opened their membership, it started with many, many art courses. Years later, this is still the crux of their membership. The options of Chalk Pastel courses is limitless!

Each course is video based and contains dozens of lessons per course. What I like to do is add one of these courses with what we’re already studying in our homeschool.

Topics include things like birds (we loved this one!), baby animals, ancient history, Bible history,

  • composers
  • inventors
  • Bible history
  • ancient history
  • baby animals
  • birds (we loved this one!)
  • LOTS of nature courses
  • maps
  • presidents
  • holidays
  • and SO many more!

I really love these because you can work through a course and by the end have a huge portfolio of art to share.

What We Do With All Our Chalk Pastel Art

I know what you’re thinking: what the heck do we do with all these art projects?!

I get it! Here are some ideas and things we’ve done with our chalk pastel art:

  • take it outdoors and spray it with aerosol hair spray to prevent the chalk from rubbing off
  • bind it together with yarn or string to make a book and add some narration pages
  • create a wall or the back of a door to display it for a while
  • send some favorite pieces to grandparents or aunts and uncles
  • use as covers for notebooks
  • create a portfolio and save favorite pieces in a container with other impressive school work
  • display for a time and keep the top favorite and recycle the not-so-favorite pieces

I Drew It Then I Knew It Workbooks

I Drew it Then I Knew it Workbooks are one of the BEST parts of the Chalk Pastel Membership! If you’re already a member, head to your Dashboard, then Membership Content, and then scroll down to Clubhouse Complete Members. Here, you will find a huge list of these workbooks.

Why are these awesome?

These workbooks are awesome because the accompany the video courses. I love that you can print them out and not have to have the computer/screens open to complete it. They are wonderful companions to the already awesome courses. Just print them out and go! Basically, grab a Chalk Pastel course that you and your kids are interested in studying, download and print out the workbook and you’ve got yourselves unit study you will not forget!

Here’s what’s inside the workbooks:

  • a planner to help you organize your study
  • a fact sheet to share tons of facts on the topic
  • a detective worksheet where you and your kiddos can start to explore
  • a bio or overview of the topic
  • book list to accompany
  • more ideas for unit study
  • and lots more ideas to add to the study like reports and even art shows!

More to Love in Your Chalk Pastel Membership:

Besides the three things above, we love Chalk Pastel Membership for many other reasons, like:

  • Very little supplies needed: We can just grab paper and our box of chalk pastels and go! That’s all we need
  • Tons of planning tools included: The membership has everything you need. There are tons of tools inside to help you stay organized and plan out what projects you want to tackle.
  • the LIVE events: These are so so fun! Many times they are planned around a holiday, which makes them all the more special.

I hope this post gives you a peek into what’s going on inside the Chalk Pastel membership. We love this service and think you and your family will too!

We can't get enough of our Chalk Pastel membership. Here are the TOP 3 reasons we love it and think you will too!

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