30 Days of Savoring Simple Joys

For the past few Fridays on Instagram, I’ve been sharing some simple joys that have been making me thankful amidst the turmoil in our world. It can be easy to get sucked into the news cycle and feel hopeless. Because of the chaos of the world, it’s also easy to forget the gifts God has laid right in front of us to enjoy, to be responsible for, and to cultivate.

Things like a good meal, a loaf of bread, a long walk, pouring into little moments with our kids. We all have been tasked with something. Sometimes the best thing we can do for the world is take the best care of those tasks in front of us.

For the month of November, I am really excited to announce a little challenge: 30 Days of Savoring Simple Joys.

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Have you been feeling helpless and a little overwhelmed? Our challenge this month is to turn in and savor those simple joys throughout the day. Sign up for the challenge and get a checklist of ideas. You’ll get a list of ideas in grid-form and a checklist–use whatever method fits your style.

We’d love to have you follow along in whatever order suits your fancy.

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If you share something you’re doing from the challenge, please tag me! (@overatalicias) and use the hashtag #savorsimplejoys so we can all see what each other is up to.

We hope you’ll join in!

Sign up here:

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