November (and October) Mock 365

So here we are…December 1st. That day when we’re like what? what?? And brace ourselves for the whirlwind. It’s really our choice whether it’s a whirlwind or not though. We can say no to things we don’t really need to do. We can online shop. We can carve out quiet moments. We don’t have to do all the stuff that other people are doing. But here we are….December.  I’m ready.
Before we move on to Silver Bells and jolly everything, I want to look back at November one more time….and um, October since I forgot to do that a month ago :)

Our November went really fast. Our feast we beautiful though and we took some time to remember and slow down.

And October? Well, since I was all pregnant and stuff I didn’t really feel motivated to take a ton of photos. But I did manage to pull together a little photo sesh of these three. Precious memories.

Today we are getting our tree! We usually do two, but this year we’re just getting one. I’ll explain all that later. We’re going to set it up and string the lights.  Then tonight we’re making fun finger foods and appetizers and having ginger ale in champagne flutes and ringing in the season in style as we trim our tree.

This morning we’re laying back…eating fresh banana bread and watching cartoons. 

I have a couple hours carved out as well to steal away and be quiet by myself and meditate on some things I’ve had anxiously laying on  my heart this week.

That’s my weekend. How about yours?

Here’s to a holly jolly December!!


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8 thoughts on “November (and October) Mock 365

  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend plan. Good luck in your meditation– I hope that you are blessed with the direction you are in need of:)

  2. The coffee is brewing, the sounds
    of the X-box are wafting up from
    the basement, my little pup is
    stretched out in front of the fire,
    and I am catching up on blogs
    after three jam-packed weeks.

    I like your idea of a meditation
    session. So important to do.

    Your fall looks cozy and crazy
    and full of love and your pics
    are awesome.

    Happy Saturday, girlie!

    xo Suzanne

  3. Very low key weekend over here! Not many plans. Tons of rain for us in Ca right now, so we are in serious jammie and snuggle mode! Enjoy your weekend! I love the pictures! xo

  4. my weekend has been busy…too busy.
    …all good things but too many good things aren't good, ya know?

    dance party on friday night with all the staff wives from church and a crazy cool ornament party last night with friends….good food, good fellowship…good crafting…

    all of it was a blast but i'm feeling it this morning.
    …could use some "down time" and today is ALL about down time…church and then HOME…ALL DAY. can't wait.

  5. Hope you had a lovely tree trimming party with your sweet family. Love you friend!
    Every time I think of you I've said a prayer! 🙂

  6. What perfect weekend. Merry Christmas season to you and your cute little family.

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