102 Interesting Things to Explore In Your Morning Meeting

Since the beginning of our homeschool journey, we have loved starting our days with a morning meeting. Right after breakfast, or sometimes even during it, we’ll grab the pile of things we’re working on in our morning meeting and get started.

The pile could range anywhere from mapwork to card games to a read aloud to a bible study. Most of the time it’s a mix of these and everything in between! If you’re just starting out on your own homeschool journey, or if you want to revive your morning meetings a bit, I’ve got you covered!

For us, morning meeting has been a chance in the day where we set aside about 45 minutes and connect with each other through a handful of meaningful learning–a way to start our days together before we get busy with our own lists.

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This post includes a huge list–102 things in fact!–of things you can start doing during your morning meeting.

Do you want to start your homeschool day with a meaningful morning meeting? Does your morning meeting need some fresh ideas? I've got you covered with 102!

What’s the Deal with Morning Meeting Anyway?

Our morning meetings have changed quite a bit over the last 12 years. Sometimes we’ve been in a rut and need some good ideas. In our morning meeting right now, it looks something like:

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  • The Bible Project + Bible Reading together
  • Read Aloud
  • Go over our day/week
  • Picture books (lately, they’ve been from this list)

It’s short and sweet and sometimes I’ll add in a game–like tomorrow, we’re playing this. But currently, we need short and sweet.

The following will give you tons of great ideas for you to use in your morning meetings, separated by theme: history + geography, awesome story treasuries, bible + character, memorization, logic + math, card games, creative ideas, and more!

History + Geography in your morning meeting

The key to a great morning meeting is keeping all the things short. You can really cover a lot of things just by taking 10 minutes on each item. Here are some history and geography ideas you can do in just a little time.

  1. Play with Pin-It Maps
  2. Geo Puzzles
  3. Professor Noggin’s geography games
  4. Timeline games
  5. Play Sequence States + Capitals game
  6. Read a chapter from Story of the World
  7. Work out of a map drawing book
  8. Look through a Fandex. We have the Civil War and Mummy ones.
  9. Listen to Around the World Stories (Read about how we use it here!)
  10. Read a chapter from a great historical fiction book
  11. Practice the 50 states + their capitals
  12. Play the Scrambled States of America game
  13. Use a Chalk Pastel lesson for an easy video tutorial on drawing maps–the video guide makes it so easy!

Read Treasuries together

I absolutely love reading through a huge treasury of stories together as a family. It’s different than a read aloud that builds on itself each day. These chapters are not connected to one another, but a fresh story every day! Here are a few to get you started:

14. Julie Andrews’ Treasury for all Seasons// One of my very favorite poetry collections!

15. Fables by Arnold Lobel // Also see: Character stories by Beautiful Feet Books

16. James Herriot’s Treasury for Children

17. The 20th-Century Children’s Book Treasury: Picture Books and Stories to Read Aloud

18. HarperCollins Treasury of Picture Book Classics: A Child’s First Collection

Bible + Character

Starting your day together doing some sort of bible study or bible reading is a great way to start the day. Admittedly, a lot of days, the bible studying we do in our morning meeting is the only bible reading I get to during the day. Here’s some good ideas for studying the bible together in your morning meeting:

19. Go through the Beautiful Feet Books Character study in your morning meeting. The books included in the study are just the best!

20. Sing hymns or use the verses for copywork.

21. Watch The Bible Project videos–these are so excellent and their website has bible reading plans that we use.

22. Read The Jesus Storybook Bible

23. Read from an etiquette or manners book.

24. Read a biography of a martyr or missionary.

25. Use study cards from the Tiny Theologians

26. Read about saints from Cloud of Witnesses

27. Read The Ology

28. Play Bible Sequence

Things to Memorize During Morning Meeting

The morning meeting is such a great time to work on memorizing. There’s virtually 100’s of things you could memorize together, but here are some ideas to get you started:

29. Spelling words

30. Use the book 30 Days Has September for TONS of ideas!

31. Marie’s Words vocabulary

32. Grammar Songs

33. Scripture

34. Poems

35. Items from this CD. It has TONS of both simple and complex facts to memorize.

36. Address and Phone Numbers

37. Months of the year

38. Phrases of foreign languages

39. Days of the week

40. Colors of the Rainbow

41. Skip counting

42. Roman Numerals

43. The parts of speech

44. States and Capitals

45. Continents and Oceans

46. Countries and Capitals

47. Directions on a compass

48. The Great Lakes

49. Mountain Ranges of the world

50. The planets in the solar system and order from the sun

51. Human body systems

ALSO: Head HERE for a huge list of more ideas of things to memorize.

Logic + Math

My kids are not big fans of math. That’s why we have to call in the recruits! But if we make a game out of it, they are way more open to it! Math and logic are very different concepts, but I like to lump them together. Here are some ideas:

52. Practice math facts

53. Play Spot-It--my kids ALWAYS beat me at this!

54. Play Rat-a-Tat Cat–this is a great game for strategy

55. Play the Telling Time game

56. If your kids like workbooks, pull a page out for them to work on while you read aloud.

57. Word Problem of the Day

58. Read from Bedtime Math

59. Play Yahtzee

60. Play with tangrams

61. Use geoboards

Play Cards!

We absolutely love playing a quick card game! There are so many that just take a few minutes and can wake up the brain and you’ll be learning too. Here are some of our favorites!

62. Create a Story Cards

63. Missing Socks (Like Go Fish, but with a fun twist)

64. Robot Rummy

65. Hearts

66. Snap

67. Blink

68. Super Tooth

69. Trash Pandas

70. Zeus on the Loose // Great game for math concepts

71. UNO

72. Quiddler // Great game for spelling

73. Phase 10

74. Too Many Monkeys

75. Loot

76. IOTA

77. In a Pickle

78. There’s a Moose in the House

79. Cribbage // Great game for strategy and counting

80. Set

81. Five Crowns

82. Gubs

83. Go Nuts for Donuts

84. Slamwich

85. Sushi Go

86. Sleeping Queens

87. Wig Out

Get Creative in your Morning Meeting

One of the easiest ways to get get a lot of reading done in our morning meeting is to keep their hands busy doing something creative. But I don’t want to make a big mess or do anything long and drawn out. Here are some ideas:

88. Weaving Loom

89. Snap Circuits

90. Large Puzzle

91. Write in the Nature Observer journal–it is so good!

92. Coloring books

93. Look at these Famous Painting Cards

More Fun Ideas for Morning Meeting

There are so many ideas you could do in your morning meeting, this list could be 1002, but here are just a few more fun ideas:

94. Read from your favorite read aloud

95. Go over the calendar together

96. Talk about current events

97. Look at the weather

98. Play Professor Noggin games–there is one for just about every topic you could think of.

99. Read from THIS book of idioms and learn a new one each day.

100. Build something with Magna Tiles or Keva Blocks

101. Do copywork

102. Work on a nature class. We just started THESE online nature classes and are SO impressed! The first lesson we did was on spiders and even my teen + tween that aren’t excited about anything loved it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you want to start your homeschool day with a meaningful morning meeting? Does your morning meeting need some fresh ideas? I've got you covered with 102!
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