Monday Favorites

A usual Friday Favorite quip, but today a Monday edition is in order.  My favorite things and moments over the last 7 or so days.  I’m in need of a little random…you?

Jack snapped this picture. You guys, I have almost SIX weeks left!! That’s not that long. At all. This belly of mine is getting quite hilarious and I find myself laughing hysterically at myself throughout the day at the predicaments I get myself into.  Soon….we will see what’s in there very soon….

Noah had such a big week last week! He had a BIG Scout camping weekend last weekend and then he turned 11 on Tuesday and then he went to a church retreat this past weekend called DNOW. I can tell he’s so proud of himself and feels like he’s a big kid and I do love that. I can’t believe it, but I do love it.  

We got five caterpillars in the mail last week.  I just love stuff like this. We are using Insect Lore to raise these little buggers into butterflies. We’ve done this before, but it was years ago…Sophie was just teeny.  We’re going to do some butterfly things this month to make it more fun.

And speaking of mail…I have been getting the absolute sweetest gifts ever in my mailbox!! Will you just get a load of these little Minnetonka Mocs!?! I mean, really Suzanne??!! Can you hardly stand it?? I feel so blessed by my friends, it’s been really amazing seeing how thoughtful people really are. 

I never taught Noah to read. His kindergarten teacher did.  I taught Jack to read from start to finish and we’ve already started on Sophia.  I was nervous about this because it seemed like such a HUGE thing!! And it is! I have seen Jack get better and better and better. Even in these last few weeks he’s starting to read longer and harder words. It’s so gratifying. I love that I taught him that. 

My two little ones surprised me with a Spa Day.  They snuck in my bathroom, ran me a bubble bath, let me soak, painted my fingers and toes, lotioned my arms and legs, and gave me a massage. I fell asleep!! All on their very own. Ahhhh…who needs Aveda?

Sometimes, once in a great while, when the stars align, and the unicorn emerges from his enchanted forest…the kids do something together without arguing about it.  Yes, it happens.  Jack was Sophia’s assistant manager of the spa. He gladly helped her with her idea and they picked it all up without complaining or picking.  Yes, once in a while.

To: Jarrod   From: Sophia

She is completely enchanted by what’s going on in there. I’m really going to miss this. But she’s really really going to be a wonderful sister.

Sister nearly peed herself laughing looking over her shoulder at the boys running after her as she raced along the walking trails at warp speed. I was waddling behind…I’m sure it was comical from all aspects.

We are covering some really difficult subjects in history, but overall school is so fulfilling right now. We are packing it in, trying to cover the more in-depth stuff before April 16th and it has just been fun.  I have several school posts I’m working on and I can’t wait to share what we’ve been reading and doing.

Do I really need to say why?
Happy Monday, folks. Here’s something to ponder on today…

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

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15 thoughts on “Monday Favorites

  1. You look great, Mama! And how sweet are those little moccasins! Adorable!

  2. There you are! Been wondering about that belly. You look gorgeous!! Happy week friend. Praying for good things:-)

  3. Awww . . . thank you for letting us step into your sweet world! I loved this post! And I love you and your adorable family! You look amazing by the way!! Have a marvelous Monday dear friend!

  4. Look at you…33 weeks and finally you look pregnant! Beautiful:) that is a super fun looking week, and my girl has those exact same mocs. We both LOVE them!

  5. Look at you…just beautiful!
    Fun pictures of your adorable family.
    Love your daughters hair clip
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Love this random stuff so much. was praying for you guys (and us) just this am… you really are crazy cute pregnant. i can't wait to see that baby!!

    love you sweet girl. 🙂

  7. Loved the peeks at
    all of your doings.

    I loved being pregnant ~
    it wasn't easy getting
    there, but once I was,
    it was a smooth ride : )
    You look great and I
    hope feel just as good!

    I know, aren't those mocs
    the cutest? Can't wait
    to see Le Bebe with them

    Happy Monday,
    xo Suzanne

  8. I love this post. And I am happy to see you are in such a good and happy place right now!

  9. Hey hot mama! 6 weeks will fly by!! I'm giddy thinking about finally knowing who is in there.

    You never cease to amaze me with homeschooling. I'm serious. I love your heart for it!!!

  10. I love this so much.
    You are BUSY my friend. School and mama-ing and getting ready for Spring Chick.
    Love catching up with you on here…
    ps- Watching you with bigger kids makes me not as scared for getting there sometime.

  11. You cute mama you! All those pics are just so fun.
    Have a great day!

  12. you are a beautiful pregnant lady!! i know how exhausting the waiting can be and being so unsure all the time. i'm feeling those same feelings, hang in there.

  13. always enjoy a random post…reading them and writing them…they give us peak into real everyday life and not the staged stuff.

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