Counting Sheep Nursery Plans

Because I’m female, I’ve been planning…and planning what I’d love for little bebe’s nursery to look like. I think sheep are adorable and are perfect for gender neutralness.  I also love cream and white with a bit of grey.  So here’s some ideas…

-These watercolor sheep prints are beautiful. I found them HERE. Aren’t they just the sweetest?! I think my little lambie would appreciate some fine art in his or her nursery, right?
-I’m not overly in love with chevron, but I do like a bit of it. I found this grey chevron crib sheet at Target, but I have no link because hates me.
-I got this crib from too. (still no links…they are seriously not letting me onto their site.) It’s neutral and I love white with all my heart.
-This sweet little sheep rocker is from Pottery Barn Kids, found HERE.  But alas, it’s expensive.  In fact, I got a crib WITH a free changing table for almost the same price…can’t justify. Dang.
-I love this sheepskin rug from IKEA, found HERE. How sweet is that!?

Also, I’ll be adding this little number…

I’m guest posting over at KoJo Design today showing how I made this sheepish mobile.  I love how it turned out…it makes me happy and laugh at the same time. 🙂
Those are my nursery ideas…now I must go continue gathering…

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13 thoughts on “Counting Sheep Nursery Plans

  1. So So precious! It turned out cuter than I imagined!! I absolutely love it and Spring Chick is going to sleep so well under that darling thing!

  2. i bet you didn't know that i sat in church last night thinking of a project to make for your little chick(and i had to keep telling myself to focus on the message)….anywho!!! a MOBILE is what i was going to make!
    now you've spoiled all of my plans! haha!
    BUT…yours is cuter anyway!
    i'm off to think of a new alicia craft.
    the good news is, our minds think alike, so hopefully i can come up with something you LOVE.



  3. cute…and i'm glad i'm not the only woman left on the planet who isn't smitten by chevron.

  4. I already stalked you on Pinterest. I'm sneaky like that. I know you so well. I'm hoping the one thing I got you no one else has yet. Eeeeek!

  5. Love this lamb-y
    loveliness!!! Can't
    believe you home
    school and do crafty
    things AND blog.

    You are my hero!

    Love & Hugs,
    xo Suzanne

  6. these are just the sweetest…i might need a set to put on my little lamb's bookshelf!

  7. I absolutely love that mobile that you made…pinned it!!! I hope you plan on selling those…they would sell like hotcakes. 🙂

    Keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks at Target…probably in the store and not on-line…they'll have the most adorable sheep for Easter…they usually have several sizes. I bought a medium one and a larger one for Lydia's room two years in a row.

  8. oh my goodness girl, you have got some serious skills! that sheep mobile is adorable!!

    oh all of this is adorable!


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