So. You’ve embarked on this homeschooling journey. Congratulations! But it’s harder than you thought, right? There’s more than one million decisions to make every single day. Now  you have to organize your home and school. You have several kids all with unique needs. And you feel like you’re failing at all of it.

The weight of this commitment is on your shoulders.
And worst of all, you feel like you’re going at it alone.
But you’re not.

I see you–because I’ve felt exactly like this.

You don’t need to feel this way.

Because I believe that all homeschooling parents can learn the tools to manage their day effectively so they can LEARN WELL with their children each and every day.

Don’t believe it? Well, here’s what other mamas are saying about Learning Well Community.

“[Learning Well] is a wonderful community full of tips and encouragement and inspiration for this great journey that is homeschooling.” -@thecleeclan

“This community has inspired me and I am so blessed by it!” -longtime reader

“Thank you Alicia, for all that you do. You have been a huge help to me as I feel my way through this adventure.” -longtime reader

Imagine waking up ready to take on the day with your kiddos–you have a plan, the routine is in place, and you. are. ready.

When you become a member of Learning Well Community, you’ll learn simple ways to manage and organize your routines so you can run your homeschool with confidence.

Simple ideas + Easy routines = Homeschool with confidence

Meet Alicia

Before I had four kids, moved across the country a few times, and dealt with plenty of emotional stress, I thought I was the epitome of scheduled, organized bliss. Turns out homeschooling will make that facade fall really quickly. Not long into our homeschool journey, and I was ending each day feeling like I’d fallen short of all my goals. Forgotten appointments, scraping random meals together, and lost library books were a daily occurrence. For the life of me I could not get it together and therefore, I felt the ultimate homeschooling mom’s fear–I’m failing so hard at this.

Ten years later, after feeling like I wasn’t good enough one too many times, I finally realized the importance of having a plan, holding it loosely, and wisely shifting it when life happens. Homeschooling means home and home means life and life can be messy. I know now that amidst the messy I can still create a rich and beautiful education for my kids and do it with confidence.
Are you ready? Let’s get started. These are a few reader faves that will be a good way to dip your toes into the Learning Well pond. 

“If you don’t know Alicia yet, you need to. This fire cracker of creativity is the magical mind behind Learning Well Community. Her energy for creating a home that both follows a routine and yet exudes enchantment is legendary.” -Julie Bogart

Meeting homeschool mamas right where they’re at is one of my favorite things. Email me! Introduce yourself and tell me about your homeschooling journey so far. I can’t wait to hear from you.