If you’ve been homeschooling for a while, you’ve probably gotten the question, What’s one thing you wish you would have known when you started homeschooling?

Well, here’s mine, as of about four weeks ago: Nicole the Math Lady.

I so wish I would have known about Nicole the Math Lady.

But now that I do, I am so thankful!Hitting the easy button on middle school math with Nicole the Math Lady!

Talk to me about Nicole the Math Lady

To be clear, I was compensated to write a review for this online math program, but I would write this review for $0 if it meant other families would get the math help that we’ve gotten.

Nicole the Math Lady is basically an online math tutoring site. If you use Saxon math and have middle school kids, you will love this.

Nicole has created a video for every single lesson in Saxon math books 7/6 and 8/7 and Algebra 1/2 and Algebra 1 are on the way.

Did you hear that, you guys?? A video for every single math lesson in those Saxon books!

What Nicole does is overviews the lesson for your kids. The videos are short–2-5 minutes or so. After the mini-lecture, there’s a joke break, which my middle schooler loves! There’s another short video with several kids telling jokes and splitting a gut about silly tongue twisters. Then, there’s one final video with Nicole walking your kid through some practice problems.

Warning: Other kids will want to check out the Jokes videos. 🙂

It’s basically like someone coming into your house, teaching your child their math lesson in about 10 minutes, working through some practice problems and leaving. It’s that simple!

For us, hiring a math tutor each day is not feasible. And here’s the best part about Nicole the Math Lady…her membership is only $49/year! If you have more than one child in middle school, it’s only $79/year for your whole family!

As icing on the math cake, if your child is struggling in any way, Nicole will do a personal, virtual session with you for free! (for members)

I don’t know about you, but this feels like a total game-changer.

This math program is for you…

  • If you already use Saxon math or want to use Saxon math, but don’t feel like you have the capacity to teach this type of math curriculum
  • If you have a middle schooler (grades 6-8)
  • If middle school math is starting to surpass your level of math knowledge
  • If math is not your favorite thing to teach
  • If you have a lot of kids that need math instruction from you and you need a little something taken off your plate
  • If you’re pregnant, going through a move, a divorce, a death in the family, or any other challenging season
  • If you’ve hit a wall with your child in math and changing the curriculum again is not the answer

This program is not for you if…

  • You love teaching your child math each day yourself
  • You are not a fan of Saxon math (BUT if you don’t use Saxon and just want to use the program to go over concepts, anyone needing middle school math instruction can use the By Topic videos and practice sets.   Since it is organized by topic, it can be used main instruction, extra practice, review or intervention.)
  • Your child does not enjoy learning via computer or iPad
  • You don’t have a middle school child
  • You are on a super tight budget that does not allow for any extras of any kind

Why this math program has been so good for us

From the beginning of our homeschool life, math has been a source of contention. We’ve tried so many different things. So many. Sometimes I feel like my kids just need to be taught something from someone else.

I love Saxon math. Their math philosophies are so thorough and direct. Saxon connects things like quarters to 1/4 to $0.25–things that make it *click!* for kids (and adults, I will admit).

My son is a 5th grader but is one grade level above in math, so the program fits perfectly for us–and will next year too!

I have lots of kids! They’re all different levels of learning, and feeling like I have a helper for math is huge!

My middle-schooler loves logging in and clicking on his lesson and then getting it! It’s almost like the format of a college course, but for middle-school kids.

Nicole the Math Lady might not be the perfect fit for everyone out there (see compare and contrasts above), but for us, it’s been so wonderful. Nicole is fun and funny and you can see how much she loves kids (and math)! See the video below for some of her NICOLEisms, to see what I’m talking about 🙂

If this review has sounded like a gush-fest, that’s because it is! Nicole the Math Lady is my new hero.

Think I’m exaggerating? You can check it out for yourself for FREE for one week. Use the code: Free1Week-nhi when you check out. 

OR you can view any of the ODD lessons on Nicole’s YouTube channelYer welcome.

Follow along on Facebook to get updates as well.

Aaaaand if you’re feeling lucky, Nicole is giving away one FREE membership too! May the odds be ever in your favor. And let me know if you sign up! I’d love to hear how you like it too!


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