January 30, 2013

Countdown to Our Spring Chick

I've stopped panicking and scratching my neck long enough to realize it's all gonna be ok.  I have a few Onesies now and have created a super fun countdown for the kids to do to get ready for their new sibling. The panic fog has cleared somewhat and I do know it's all going to be ok.  Yes, I can do this thang.

A sweet friend I knew in South Dakota gave me this fabulous idea for a countdown to baby for the older three. I couldn't wait to do it. And the kids are so excited too, of course. Each of them gets their own bottle filled with the same number of Jelly Bellies that I have left to go till my due date...76 days from now to be exact. I used pink, yellow, and blue since we don't know the gender.
I found the perfect scalloped tags at Micheal's in baby colors and used my hand carved stamps I made at Christmas time to label them. I also used some baker's twine in baby colors to tie the tags on.

Everyday after lunch they can have their one-jelly-bean dessert and see the bottle get more and more empty!! Such a fun idea! Love having creative friends :)
PS: the extra jelly beans are hidden ;)

January 29, 2013

Blueberry Pancake Day and Other Random Thoughts

I have about 16 posts swimming around in my head, but this is what I came up with today...a whole lotta randum stuff. I know...it's surprising.

Yesterday was National Blueberry Pancake Day.  I'm not all that surprised if you didn't celebrate it...it's not super popular yet but it's gaining momentum. I suspect by 2015 or so it'll be as big as Valentine's Day or at the very least, Grandparents Day. It is a real day...trust me. Trust Google. We partook by making blueberry pancakes, but you probably guessed that. The kids thought Jarrod would be staying home from work for this celebratory day. Disappointment mixed with syrupy bliss...it was a confusing morning for all.

I'm obsessed with this album. Obsessed! Have a listen...
I got the sweetest print in the mail yesterday from my friend, Ms. Katy Fults.  She saw that I had posted this quote on my blog last week and she made it into a print for me!! Do you not just love it!?! I'm going to frame it somehow and put it in the baby's room (if it has a room, that is) to remind me of the good in the midst of our somewhat stressful current situation.  I think this quote has become my new mantra in life.  THANKS so much, Katy! (go see her shop here.)
I'm also obsessed with curriculum planning for next year. It's only January!! I do this every year...make lists and circle catalog pages, then I have to wait for the current year to be done so I can plan the next. It's a crazy, awesome, vicious cycle. I cannot believe we'll be wrapping up our fifth year of homeschooling this year!! I'm also marking my calendar for some good conferences coming up in the area.  I love to go and look at all the books...and smell them. That's the best part.

Speaking of planning...that's another post I have in the making: Getting Organized! I am organized, but there's some areas I need to clean up here and there in my organizational aspect of life and I plan on sharing those ideas here with you.  My dear friend told me about these lists and I've been using them...they are so great. I'll tell you more about it soon.

Today I am running kids to co-op classes, running a few little errands, sewing on Boy Scout uniform patches, cleaning, and going to Boy Scouts.  By the end of the day I am soooo tired. I'm kinda tired just thinking about today...hope you have a great Tuesday!

January 28, 2013

Brekky on the Ready

Thursday night we tried something new: Crockpot Oatmeal. I never think to use my crockpot enough, especially for breakfast but I'm glad we did! I started looking at a whole bunch of recipes and ended up combining several to come up with this...the bad part is I am really bad about exact amounts and remembering what I did (I know, cover your eyes, Robin) but I think this is pretty close:

I think the main thing is to cook it on low so it doesn't get all porridge-like.  I added more water than normal and the consistency was good. If you find it too think in the morning, add some more water or milk. Also, beware of the mini crockpots. I'm not sure if they all have adjustable temps and you might wake up with an oatmeal brick in your crockpot.
I like a little crunch to my oatmeal, so I would have definitely added the walnuts if I had had them. I don't even like oatmeal all that much, but I did like this (said the pregnant person.)
I'm off to make blueberry pancakes this morning, as it is National Blueberry Pancake Day. Not lying. I wouldn't lie to you...and neither would Google.
Happy Monday, peeps.

January 25, 2013

The Countdown....aka: Panic Mode

On Wednesday I went to the doctor. I had to drink that disgusting super-sugar soda stuff and immediately gave me gut rot. "Oh sure, I'll drink this gross soda and then you can take my blood. Good times." As I was leaving, my doctor casually mentioned that I needed to make my next appointment for two weeks instead of four.

Immediately my neck started itching and I couldn't stop scratching it. We all know what that means...things are cool when your appointments are four weeks apart. We can handle four. But when they start getting closer together?? That means the countdown has begun. My mind started to spin...more neck scratching.  I have nothing for this baby yet. We got rid of everything when we moved. I don't even have a Onesie for crying in the night (which is not a funny pun right now.) Scratch scratch.  Every plan that there ever was is all floating around in space somewhere and we are completely planless at the moment.  Our lease is up on April 1 and this child is coming April 16...more neck scratching.

This is so not me. I am organized. I have things ready. I have things prepared. Is this the lesson in all this?? That I need to learn I'm not in control?? Well, I get it. And although I'm super stoked about refining my character and all that, I need to have a little more semblance of normalcy than this.

I am bending the truth slightly, I have done a few things to get ready for Spring Chick. I started a registry on Target.com. It may be totally random and have no rhyme or reason to any of it, but that's not the point...I did it.  I found a monitor on clearance at Target for $35, originally $120. Yeah! Monitor...check.  A sweet older lady from church gave me a bassinet.  Sleeping arrangement better than an empty drawer...check check.  Luckily I like things simple anyway.  I don't need a ton of gadgets for a baby, just some diapers and a bottle or two.

A simple voicemail from a friend and a chat with another helped me stop scratching and realize that yes, things will shake out. If worse comes to worse I can always swing by Target on my way to the hospital and grab a car seat so they'll let me take bébé home to it's better-than-a-drawer bassinet.

I feel better already confessing my panic attack.  I'm guessing many of you have been there too, right??? If not, don't tell me. I might start scratching again.

Ok, I must go recover the 14 post-it note lists that I've stuck all over my house and since lost.

Ok, bye.

January 22, 2013


Hi, I'm Alicia and I used to blog.

I've been gone for weeks. It felt weird, but it was needed. I received emails and texts and comments from a lot of you and I just want to say "thank you." So, thank you. It really meant so much.

I'd like to say it's just been busy, or I've been doing projects, or something fun...it's not been really like that. I got nailed with influenza right on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was the worst. No one else got it thankfully, but let's just be honest.  That mama is needed on those big days and it just was kind of sad for all of us.

Other than that ickiness, we've been trying to make some hondo decisions and it's been tricky. We don't know what's right or wrong.  We both have strong opinions and that's been tricky too. We both want the other one to be happy, but our happy's don't line up just so.  Tricky.

We're in a testing and trying period. I don't like this period. Not one bit. Really I should be praying and asking for wisdom and clarity, but prayer is not coming easily. It's stuck in my throat. I'm questioning a lot. Things that I always thought were so clear are not seeming so anymore. Things I don't want to get into here. I'm wondering if our perceptions were always skewed.

 photo 027_zps0a5d5542.jpg

BUT, and here's the good parts, I know a few things for sure: I have a husband that loves me. A lot. He doesn't believe in the whole idea of "letting the man make all the biggie decisions all on his lonesome" as much as I don't and we're working together.  I know that in the end things will connect and we'll look back at this and be glad it's over. 
I have a little cauliflower head-sized Spring Chick growing everyday and kicking my bladder with a vengeance, letting me know he/she is there and healthy.
I have a trio of little babes nuzzling my belly, endlessly kissing it, and talking to it constantly. I consider us a family of 6 already and I cannot wait til it's official. My kids are amazing to this baby already. It's going to be so good.
I have friends and family that love me and tell me so and pray for me when I can't.  I love that and I need it.

So that's what's up right now. It's hard for me to play the vague card, but I have to guard myself from saying too much. Sometimes I do that.

It feels good to type again. Thanks for coming back and checking in.

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