February 11, 2013

Life Lessons and Downton Abbey

Are you watching this show? Have you jumped on the Downton bandwagon yet? I'm going to tell you why everyone needs to watch this show...
It's good. That's why.  It's real good. The characters are absolutely amazing. Amahhhzing. Even the ones that you're supposed to hate are so good.
The scenery is beautiful. I mean, look at this....

In some ways it reminds me of Asheville's very own Biltmore Estate. It's beautiful. Who doesn't want to escape to tea and crumpets in a castle for a few hours?
My favorite character of all is Granny...Dowager Countess Violet Crawley. I. Love. Her.  When I'm 75 I want to be just like her.  She's witty, she's sharp, she's hilarious, she's influential. I love Granny. I'm tempted to name my Spring Chick Violet just for Granny.

Season 3 has already started, but we just finished up Season 2 yesterday.  Now I'm not about to spoil anything, but let's just say Season 2 had a happy ending. It was long awaited, it was beautiful.  I teared up, I'm not gonna lie.  I did one of those parallel things with my life and Mary Crawley's...I connect with this girl.  She's like me...or I'm like her, one or the other.
She's blunt, she's slightly misunderstood, she longs for a good full life, and doesn't want all her emotions on her sleeve.  I get her.

I'm waiting, like Mary was waiting. I had a hard day yesterday. I can't tell you how ready I am for the next chapter of our lives, how ready I am for my own nest again, my own place.  I've been waiting and praying for answers and for us to finally feel settled. Sometimes I am just so tired, you know? I know though, that sometimes we just have to wait...like Mary, till the details work themselves out, before we get what we want. The waiting in the middle though is what drives us crazy, makes us expect the worse, and over analyze every choice we've ever made.  But the middle is what we look back on and see that that's where the lessons were.  I'm waiting for that time when I can look back.  Until then, I'm still waiting for the details to sort out.  But if Mary was a real person and I could ask her, I'm sure she wouldn't take back the lessons she learned in the waiting. 
So if you need me, I'll be sipping tea, keeping composed, my shoulders square...just like Lady Mary and waiting for the best to come....


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Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Just jumped on the Abbey bandwagon myself, so addicted

Blissful Blooms said...

I love you dear friend! And yes, soon you will be able to look back and see His plan. Until then, I will continue to pray for a peaceful heart. Deep breaths sweet friend!
And I am absolutely on the bandwagon!! My friend just gave me the disc for season three- so I CANNOT wait to jump in! When I think about the last scene in season two . . . my heart gets all twitterpattered!
Wish I could have tea with you today!

Theresa Novak said...

Oh, I love, love, love Downton Abbey too! My only issue is that the season is so short! I think there is only one more week of Season Three!!

Anna is my favorite character. I love the Anna and Bates storyline. I love how she loves him!

Barbara said...

It has not peaked my interest but yes the setting is beautiful.
Have a great day my Lady!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

the best is yet to be! hang in there beautiful lady.

and i am a big downton fan. i watched it over tunnel bear last fall. i'm kinda sad i watched it already! i miss it.

Farmgirl Paints said...

I've only seen one episode of season three. I would love to start at the beginning. Someday...

Andrea said...

I watched seasons 1 and 2 last week...caught up on season 3 today. I love this show so much...so good...so clean...I too like Mary..her confidence...her loyalty...great post!

Andrea said...

I watched seasons 1 and 2 last week...caught up on season 3 today. I love this show so much...so good...so clean...I too like Mary..her confidence...her loyalty...great post!

Privet and Holly said...

I LOVE that you
love DA as much
as I do!!! And the
end to Season 2
was absolutely worth
waiting for.....

As will the close to
this season be for
you, when the time
comes : )

My daughter and I
rented a movie over
the weekend and I
told her that the female
lead looked "just like
my blogging friend,
Alicia!" The movie is
called Ruby Sparks and
the actress is Zoe Kazan.

Google her and see what
I mean! She has bangs
in the movie and is just
so pretty.

Hang in there, Mary ~er-

xo Suzanne

Susannah said...

I love Downton Abbey too! The sisters are all fabulous and I agree with you, I LOVE Lady Violet!

Kelli said...

I do not watch downtown abby and I really feel like I am missing out on all of the fun. My goal is to try to watch it over the summer.

Flor said...

i started watching d.a. exactly 6 weeks ago when i came home from the hospital and needed something to watch while i nursed.
needless to say i was hooked. and now i watch season 3 as it comes out :)

oh friend, i'm wishing you all the best. i know that this in-between-waiting-time is not cool but soon enough Gods bigger plan for you and your family will be revealed.

and eeeekk!!! how excited are you for your spring chick to be born?! praying for you and thinking of you! xoxo

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I loved Sybil the best... she was the one I got. LOL I love the names Violet and Cora... oh to have a baby girl again.. I'd name them that in a heartbeat!!

Praying for you this very minute girly. :)

Between You and Me said...

haven't started watching it yet...afraid to bc I know I'll love it.

There are only about 3 shows that I watch, so MAYBE I could add this one. I think we'll try this summer to get completely caught up. That sounds like a plan!
Do you love how I just solved that whole dilemma right here in this comment? :)

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