April 25, 2012

Happy Day Challenge #7: Plan(t) Your Garden, Mary

Happy Wednesday, Chicas.
It's Wednesday...time for happiness.

I love my garden. So does Mary Contrary, she rocks a garden. We plant one every year. It was funny to me that one of the first things the kids asked about when we moved into our townhouse in October was, "where will we plant our garden?" We are trying something new this year. Since I don't think the leaders of our commune would be too keen on me with a tiller in their nicely landscaped village green, we will be gardening in containers this year on our balcony.

If you do not garden, you so should. who doesn't like spinach? Squash? Peas?
Ok, well probably a lot of people. But even if you just put your precious produce in a basket and give it to your neighbor it's still super fun. And I promise you, any tomato you get off of your very own tomato plant will be tremendously tastier than those pathetic things you get at the grocer's.

So here's you challenge: Plan or Plant your garden.
Talk about it with us (aka: blog, sillies)
Link up next week!
Yeah for everyone!!

Did I just make a poem with my photo captions? It's a very poor one, yes...but a poem just the same. I call it, "Gardens are Happy."

Ok now, for last week you were supposed to surprise somebody!! Oh, I hope you did! Go ahead and link up below and I'll be sharing some of your posts on my facebook page.

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Have a happy day, girlies :)
OH! In case you were wondering about the mystery cow from Monday's post....


Etheline said...

What a yummy looking garden!! I would kill for some basil down here. Do you plant herbs too??

Mary said...

yeah! i am container gardening, too! :)
and duh!?! hahaha...that cracks me up!

Jennifer S. said...

I am discouraged because I planted a small garden last year and the bunnies, squirrels, etc ate just about everything. Maybe I should try a container garden. :) What all do/did you plant?
I agree with Mary, too funny!

Sarah said...

You're so cute! I kinda wish your Happy Day post this week was "Create a Scene" and then you took pictures of yourself actually tilling up the manicured beds in your neighborhood... maybe that's just the rebel in me, but it would be a pretty funny post! :)

Christy said...

I am doing containers as well over here. It will be a first for me this year...I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

Alicia said...


carissa at lowercase letters said...

go spinach! i love it!!! i throw gobs of it in my smoothies so i don't even have to taste it. : )

Biz said...

Well I didn't get to surprise anyone...kinda hard to do when you are a SAHM with no vehicle to go anywhere. But I did start my garden so I'll be linking up with you for that! Yeah!!!


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