March 15, 2012

hi. it's me.

You will understand now why I don't do sporadic things.

I don't think it through and then I do things make buttons that don't work and stuff.

So, I'm starting a project and I wrote about it yesterday. But after fiddling around on my computer forever and getting super frustrated I walked away...for like the whole day, thought this thang out and here I am...all nice and happy again.

I don't know if you got a chance to read yesterday but if you did, I changed the post up a bit. The challenge will be for you to do this week and then blog about it next Wednesday and link up then. For the couple of you sweeties that linked, you'll be right up top on the linky next week. Oh, and the dumb button works now.

So you'll have a whole week to:
think about your challenge,
do it,
blog it,
and link it.

Clear as mud?? (didn't you hate it when teachers would say that?? rude.)

Uh, can you say "Mulligan??" I need a redo everybody :)

Read about The Happy Day Project HERE.



carissa at lowercase letters said...

you are so dang cute. : ) i hope you have a happy day today! and that your ferns make you smile all the live long day. : )

Sabrina said...

YAY! I wanted to link up, but just didn't get out of the house and get my plants and flowers on. :)

Mary said...

i was wondering where that little linky went! :D
and don't be so hard on yourself...
i blogged about artichokes, until a sweet friend said, "they look like brussel sprouts!"
errrrrr...they WERE brussel sprouts!
my brain=vacation!
have a happy day!

Farmgirl Paints said...

I'm on it. So we have to go to a nursery or somethin? Just to be clear;). Btw b is here with me watching your Asheville team play ball. You guys are a big dealio.

Cailan said...

Good plan. ;) I actually have a couple newish plants around that are even still alive, but we'll see if I can finally make it to lowes for the ones that have been on my list all month. Such a lovely idea!

meg + andy said...

you crack me up! you're so cute! and yesterday i had to go to lowes for something but while i was there i thought about you and thought, "i should go visit the nursery because alicia told me to". and i did and it was lovely. :)

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