March 14, 2012

the happy day project: challenge #1

***Update: this post has been updated because I am an insane person. If you read this on Wednesday, please read it again. Yes, loco. Sorry. I hope you come back...***


I'm excited about this post.
I'm not very spontaneous or sporadic, but this idea is both of those. (which is probably why so many details went a bit awry)

After my post on Saturday and after reading through all your comments, I came to one conclusion:
we mamas put WAY too much pressure on ourselves and we need a little mama time.

Now I realize asking for a weekend with the house to ourselves or a retreat at the spa may be a little out of reach for most of us right now, but what if we just did little teeny things every week...or every couple of days that brought us some fun and frivolous JOY??!!
Doesn't that sound great!?!?

So I'm starting a project: The Happy Day Project.
And I'm excited!
Every Wednesday I'll be here to share a little bitty challenge with you. Just a little one. It won't cost a lot of money or time on your part. It will be fun. You will like it.
I realize that many of us have babies, LOTS of babies, home school, work, have just moved (ahem) but we need to bring ourselves a little bit of joy just the same.
I also realize that these things that I'm going to share with you over the weeks are silly, fun, and frivolous. I know that real true happiness come from a relationship with our Maker. But that being said, there's something to say about a Starbucks coffee break on a Tuesday morning between doctor's appointments and leftover mac and cheese lunchtime. Ya know??

So, here's challenge and I'll give you details in a minute.

Challenge #1: Visit a nursery.
Have you ever been to happier place than the nursery?? Especially this time of year everyone is there. Everyone! I went there twice last week and it was BOOMIN'!
I love the new life that Spring brings. I've never spent a Spring here in Asheville, but I can bet with all these brown trees there's going to be A LOT of green. I am super excited for that.

Even if both your thumbs are black, it's totally worth having a plant of some sort in your house.
So, as you walk around the nursery, find something that speaks to you...then buy it.
Buy a few herbs and put them on your kitchen windowsill, an orchid, some tulips...succulents are super cool right now.
Heck, go to the grocery store and buy a shamrock plant. They're beautiful and they're like $4 at my store right now.
Buy one. Bring it home. And look at it. Love it.

I found this cool pot thing at HomeGoods and I knew he needed something green. These are little mini ferns of some sort. I hope they don't die...the sticker said "ideal house plant." Let's hope, shall we??

Now here's the dealio...I want you guys to do this with me. Let's create ourselves a little happiness, huh?  So you can either do my challenge, blog about it, and link up...OR you can do your own happiness bit and blog about it and link up...OR you can just leave an idea in the comments. (but blogging about it would be waaay more fun ;))

Then the next week I'll show off a couple of you lovely happy people's Happy Days and I'll give y'all a NEW challenge for the next week. Sound good?

So there's your challenge:

Go buy a plant. It's Spring. Happy Day!

(oh and write a blog post about it and come back here next week and link up your post. then get a new challenge for the week and so on and so on. ok? ok. awesome!)



Sabrina said...

This is so fun! You are right about going to a nursery or plant store... it's full of life and brings a smile to my face. I can't wait to link up!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

cute, so super cute! and that fern is the prettiest one i've seen. and your button is looking mighty FINE! : ) you rock those glasses. hmm... now to find a nursery.

Etheline said...

What a great idea!! I'm a big believer in a happy mama means a happy family. I've always felt that taking some "me time" every week is important for my Be back later for the link up:)

Melissa said...

You are soooo going to love springtime in NC! So different from here in SD. LOTS of flowers. Hope you don't have lots of allergies. ;) Enjoy the season and all it has to offer! Melissa

Mary said...

SO glad you decided to do this. :)
i was messing around on picmonkey yesterday and LOVING the same font...
i used it on my pic, too.
and your pics are super cuuuuute,
and i totally ALMOST bought that same plant on my way home from our road trip babysitting, but i chickened out out, for fear it would get ruined in my car.
now i have an excuse to get one!

Blissful Blooms said...

Oh! How happy!! What a grrrreat idear my friend! And thank you for the first 'assignment.' I'm pretty sure my nursery just has seeds right now (we have a few months to go until warmth arrives) but I am SO excited to see what they have!! And I can tell my hubbie that I had to buy a plant- because you said so. HA!
On a side note- I LOVE your new pics on the side- you are so beautiful and look so HAPPY!
Oh Happy day!!

Cailan said...

Well don't you just have the most darling ideas?! This is so sweet, and you are crazy adorable on that button! As a matter of fact I Do have a little shamrock wonder on my kitchen table right now I'll try to take a picture and join up soon. I love your fern! in that beautiful pot - so pretty. love you! cailan

Cottage Mommy said...

I love this Alicia! I just recently bought a couple of ferns and they have brought so much life and cheeriness to my home! Now to look for another fun plant....

jahorn12820 said...

Great idea, Alicia. I might be linking up with you :)

Smallgood said...

I love the idea. I will totally participate. I'm itching to go to the farmer's market.

The Frat Pack + Me said...

I am in, I think. Everything sounded awesome until you said nursery...serious black thumb here, but after seeing those cute ferny things in that awesome pot, I wondered what I might be missing by not joining the fun. This is a great idea Alicia!!

Kristen said...

great idea! I linked up with a post of mine from Monday, but when I tried adding your button it came up with some kind of error? It could be operator error ;) haha but if you get others saying the same, let me know and I'll try again if it needs fixed!

Farmgirl Paints said...

well happy day to you. love the green in that dish! yay. did we score with that one or what?? hope i remember to do this. i'm all about finding happy stuff;)

Jennifer S. said...

Great project girlie! I want to link up but I am going on a girls weekend tomorrow morning and won't be back til when I get home I will be on it! The weather has been in the 80's here which is so weird for this part of the country. All my outdoor potted plants are still alive from last fall! Crazy. I think I might try succulents for the indoors :) Just saying succulents makes me happy!

Leslie @ top of the page said...

great idea. i need some new life in this wintery, dusty house! i've never had a fern. but i have cute pots. why not fill them with ferns?

Barbara said...

This is a challeng I can get into.
I'll be there. Love the glasses hip librarianish.


I am in. Fun ... I need a happy day.


Mandy said...

awesome opposum. i'm game. do i get to take a ctue, nerdy librarian photo too?;)love it! thanks girly. i'll be here next week with my linky!

Marissa said...

Can't wait to pot a plant! :) Love this!

Jaimie said...

What a great idea! I'm a new mom (my baby is 2 months old) and I can already see how good this would be for me! I love nurseries too. I'll definitely take a trip to one!

Melissa said...

hi sweet gal - all the way from Down Under!
I loved this idea- I've been to my nursery...I've bought some bits that remind me of our gorgeous days in England...& some herbs to plant in my french pots- I'll be blogging about it and linking up on Wednesday...

A gorgeous idea for some mid-week *mamma* time- I'm really needing this with our *move* across the globe at the moment- Thanks!!

Melissa- Miss Sew & So xx

PS_ ADORE the happy day project pickie of you!!!!! divine in specs!!!

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