February 28, 2012

virtual coffee: thoughts i'm thinking...

Good morning, beauties. Let's have coffee. Lots.
And talk a million miles an hour, not halfway keeping up with my thoughts right now....
do I sound like I've had too much coffee already?
Not a chance.
It's early...the pot's still half full!!!

Sit and chat.
I'm sorry to say this is going to be a one-sided convo...

alrighty then.

Birthday....it is finished. The boy is 10. I survived another year older child AND a birthday party at Germ-O-Rama...aka: Kid's Paradise.

Birthdays are like Christmas around here. When they go to bed there's no gifts, no nothin' but when they wake up...SO fun!

Early morning celebration before church. Yes, those are Dunkin Donuts. So good...SOOO good!!

Then on to the partay....

Laser tag was a hit! (My team totally won...in a big way. But nobody's keeping track, right??) The photo on the right, I have nothing much to say. All I said to them was, "Hey! Let me take your picture, guys." That is what they came up with...in about .2 seconds. Boys!

Besides Germ-O-Rama, we had our own little party when we got home. Noah got to open all his gifts and the little kids loved watching. It was a good, full day. Best of all, Noah went to bed exhausted and happy :)

Other thoughts today?
Well...we're moving. Again. You may have already heard that.
The bummer was our dear friends, the Strahles, were planning a visit to Asheville this weekend...so with the move we canceled....

Until Ms. Becky called me back later that day and said that her and her Mr. both felt like they should still come...to help us!!! How awesome is that!?! Her words were, "We're worker bees. We'll do whatever. We'll get it done!"

Ok, sister. Let's do it then! Gotta love friends like that.

Now before I go start throwing stuff in boxes this morning...I want to leave you with this video. I'm OBSESSED with this song! Supposedly it's for that new Hunger Games movie coming out...I am pretty sure I'm the only literate person on the planet that has not read these books. But I am planning on it, if that makes you like me again.

Get ready to be singing this allllll day! Love this song. Love Taylor Swift...don't love country...but love her :)

Ok sisters, have a great day!
If you need more coffee head over to Amy's she's always got a pot on.



Stuff and Nonsense said...

i'm not a Taylor Swift fan but
i heard The Civil Wars sing a bit
of their single Barton Hollow
at the Grammys and i was blown away

and the Hunger Games?

just read 'em
and they are fantastic

can't wait to see the film soon

can't imagine why
you haven't found the time to
read lately...;)

good luck with the move!


carissa at lowercase letters said...

Moving sounds fun again all of a sudden if Becky is in!!! How sweet of them! I'm so glaaaaaad you'll have help. And I know you'll have fun, too! Um, what a cool birthday for your ten year old who will always be your baby. You're not alone, I love to read and have yet to go for The Hunger Games. Maybe you'll convince me. Can't hear the song on my phone. : ( I believe you though. Taylor is awesome.

Evie said...

Good friends are a blessing indeed. I'm glad you had a good 10 year birthday. I'm hoping your move goes smoothly.

Marissa said...

So glad you have help with the move! Happy Birthday, Noah! :) I'm sure you've been told before, but you'll love the Hunger Games!


Yeah, Becky is coming to help. This makes me happy ... you will move and have fun.


Tricia said...

What a good friend! That was so nice of Becky to offer her help...you guys will probably have fun.

All the birthday festivities look like they made for a great day. We did laser tag when my son turned ten last year too. He loved it :)

Blissful Blooms said...

What a fun fun birthday! We always have donuts in the morning too! Love your fun signs- you're such a fun momma! That picture of you and your Mr. is absolutely adorable! Such a good lookin' couple! I am so happy that not only will you have help, but FUN HELP! It's gonna be a good weekend. What good friends!
I will listen to that song as soon as my babies are awake- wouldn't want to do ANYTHING to promote an earlier wake up. :)
Loved my coffee with you! Have a great day my friend!

Sabrina said...

I LOVE The Civil Wars and I can't wait for the Hunger Games movie!
This song is beautiful!!!

Mary said...

Germ O Rama?! that just cracks me up!
i think we think alike on that one! :)
love all of the pics from your party!
the one of you all with your hubby in the race car and you looking on=priceless!
and the one of just you and jarrod? adorable.
you guys are so sweet!
glad you made it through, momma, and i'm so thankful that you'll have amazing help this weekend.
that is so very, very awesome!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

That worker bee comment sounds JUST LIKE BECKY. I wish I was there to help!! And please... I know you're like packing and moving and all... but please promise me you will read the Hunger Games.

Also, completely agree with you about country and Taylor Swift. Gosh I adore her.

thetwistedruffle said...

a friend of mine told me i should read the hunger games and i totally forgot until last night when i saw the trailer for the movie.

good luck this weekend...you are lucky to have such a good friend in becky. a girl and her honey willing to come and help you move? pricelesss!

katygirl said...

Do I need to listen to the civil wars?

The Frat Pack + Me said...

That Becky is a keeper! And get yourself The Hunger Games, would ya? You are gonna love it!

Jacqui said...

I look forward to coffee with you :)

Jennifer S. said...

Reading the Hunger Games right now. It is so good!
What a fun birthday party at the Germ-o-rama! Lucky kids! Sometimes I wish I had boys just so I could play laser tag. Ha!
Thanks for the coffee time & I hope the moving goes smooth this weekend! Cheers to great friends!

jahorn12820 said...

I love the donuts with the candles! Makes me want a donut realll bad! So sweet that Becky and family will be helping with the move! Good luck!

Sarah said...

You know, I think the Hunger Games was filmed in Shelby, NC... just down the road form you and my mom's teeny little hometown! :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

well that was a beautiful song. haunting actually. is it just me or does taylor look especially skinny?? wonder if she did that for the "hunger" games...get it? cause i just want to shove a cheeseburger down her thoat. anyhoo do you need me to bring those books? cause i own 'em ALL. you are gonna devour them;)

Cailan said...

That makes my heart so happy to hear you're getting some happy help! And you remind me about the Hunger Games...need to get on those....sometime, though I'm used to being about five years behind the rest of the world - just finished Harry Potter. And I love the song, though I agree with Becky, Taylor needs a cheeseburger. ;)

Biz said...

That is so awesome that Becky is gonna come help you move!
You will have it done in NO time!!!

Oh and yes...please read The Hunger Games.
I'm 1/3rd of the way through the 3rd book, sneaking bits and pieces of it when Bitsy naps...wishing I could devour it a bit faster!!!
So good, can't wait for the movies!

Have a Blessed Week!

Mandy said...

love taylor and the hunger games! seriously, how have you not read these?! and awesome becky, what a sweet friend!

Privet and Holly said...

Hug that boy
tight while your
arms still go
around the whole
of him ~ it changes
in a flash. My
13 year old is
now 6 feet tall!

Good luck with
the move. I know
Mr. and Mrs. S are
going to make it a
happy time for you!

xx Suzanne

Melynna said...

Looks like that party was a blast! Um,,,YEAH! You SO need to read the Hunger Games books. I just finished the last book. Amazing stuff. Love the song! I heard the Civil Wars at the Grammys and LOVED them. The song for the movie is just beautiful. Now I really can't wait to watch the movie. And YAY! What awesome friends you have! So happy that you'll get to see some friends and have help moving. Good luck and I hope it all goes well......and start the books ASAP!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Friends like that are awesome, for sure. Good luck with the move! Moving is such a pain, but it is kind of nice to start fresh someplace. :)

Smallgood said...

I love The Civil Wars. An incredible sound. And I'm excited far more than I should be for The Hunger Games movie. I didn't love the book, but I know that the movie will be awesome (I think that's a bit backwards. Usually the book is better). Good luck finishing the move.

Anonymous said...

So how about having at least the first book of the Hunger Games done by March 23rd so we can go to the movie? I mean, come on, what do you have going on between now and then?

{Amy} said...

oh my, i cannot believe you atre moving again alicia but you seem to be handling it much better than i would : ) what a good friend you have in Becky to be coming to help, she is too sweet. i'm sure you guys will make the most of it and have a great weekend together. any birthday is better with donuts, what a great way to start off his special day. thanks for coffee today!

Anna said...

Looks like a fun party!

Good luck with your move.

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