February 6, 2012

q and a with sister friend

They've got questions (particularly this chick)...we've got answers (even if they're made up 75% of the time).

Sista: Why is this sweater pink?
Me: Because the designers made it that way.
S: Why didn't they make it purple?
M: Because these particular designers are partial to pink.

How does this Twistie Twirl (Turbie Twist) dry my hair so good?
It's magic.And because it's pink?
Of course.

Do squirrels use their tails for blankets? (for real, y'all)
You know, I'm not positive, but that would seem logical right?

Why does Dad have to go to work?
So we can have money to live, silly.
And we can buy cereal.
Um, yes.

Mom, what a post?
Um...like a blog post? Use it in a sentence...
No, like in Little Princess Captain Cruise's post in the British Army is in India. What's a post?
Oh, that just means he's stationed there.
And then he dies, but Sarah wanted to see him.
No, he didn't really die...they just thought he was dead.
He was actually dead, I think.
(ok, whatevs.)

(Sophia and me in the car alone)
Did you know when we're in the car alone I can talk whenever I want?
Yes, but if you've got something to say you better do it now because we're almost home.
Did you know on Mickey Mouse Club House the guy cut up their beans to eat??
No. However did I miss that??

(Looking upon a dead mole:)
Do you know what hibernation is? It's when animals go to sleep for the winter, and this mouse is hibernating.

Remember in Little Women when Beth dies?
I do. It's so sad. She gets sick, doesn't she?No. She gets a fever.
Oh ya. My bad.

When I rub my toothbrush on the mirror like this, does that make it cleaner?
Not really, it actually does the opposite.
No. I think it looks better now.

Mom? Am I pretty?
Hell Yes, sister friend, you're the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen...on the inside and out.
{ BIG smile :) }

I love this little bug...and her 1.3 million questions a day?



Farmgirl Paints said...

You know what I love? That you actually listen and remember all of her sweet babble. She's precious.

Tricia said...

Don't they have the most wonderful thoughts? What a cute bunch of photos :)

Mary said...

precious days to remember.
i love blogging for this reason...a place to write down and remember all of the blessings and sweetness.
i am sooo forgetful otherwise!

Etheline said...

I'll be happy to have some girly questions break all the boy questions. How many questions about butts can they think of. A lot apparently. I love that you are reading little women to her. So precious:)

The Frat Pack + Me said...

This is absolutely darling!!!!

Blissful Blooms said...

Be still my heart!
Those pictures are absolutely PRECIOUS!! She is so stinkin' beautiful!
And thank you for the sweet reminder to stop and listen to the bazillion questions. You are such a good Momma!
Love you girl!

thetwistedruffle said...

she is so adorable. i love kids that age, they ARE so curious. my youngest (who's 8) is still pretty young in a lot of ways, i contribute that to homeschooling mostly, but all of that little kid sweetness is starting to slip away and i can barely handle it. they're all too old to have a conversation like this with anymore and all of a sudden, as i was reading your post, it hit me that it's already gone. it's seriously cruel...so you enjoy it while it lasts!!


Kayla said...

So sweet! She is beautiful just like her mama!


jahorn12820 said...

She's so cute :) I love her little hair wrap.

Marissa said...

Adorable. Love all of the questions and her logical answers! I will now think of squirrel tails as their built-in blankets!

Katie said...

I know what you mean. Caroline is full of questions. Sometimes in the car we have to play the quiet game...she usually lasts five seconds!

Biz said...

I think my heart just exploded!
I so look forward to conversations with Bitsy like this someday..
Pure, perfect innocence!!

Cherish it!
Lap it up!
And share it here more often, because it makes me smile!


carissa at lowercase letters said...

aww, smiling big over here. so dang cute. i have the same terbie twist but it does seem to look way cuter on little miss thang. oh and i was so with her on the toothbrush mirror cleaning. thanks for enlightening me. ; )

Jennifer S. said...

What a sweet and beautiful girl! I agree with Mary, this is why I love blogging too! To remember the details. Love, love, love.

katygirl said...

That squirrel question is the cutest and funniest little thing!

Sarah said...

Can we arrange a marriage? I've got two cute little boys to choose from and I could throw in a goat or something, you know... to sweeten the deal!

PS I keep forgetting to tell you that I found a globe for the boys and Owen pointed to SD and said, "That's where Noah and Jack and Sophie are from!" Umm, yep, that's right! :)

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are amazing! You better do something with those...like print them! On a canvas perhaps... Coffee, sometime soon, my house!

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