September 26, 2011

wedding soiree

A few weeks ago, I shared with you a bridal shower we threw in my backyard...well,
this weekend was the wedding. And guess who the bride asked to take photos for her?
I made sure she knew that I was NO professional and that she absolutely could not be mad if her photos stunk. She was fine with that. Her and her beau had decided to spend their coin on honeymoons and the like. And I was their budget friendly option. SO, there I in hand....a little shakey at first, but I think we ended up with some pretty darn good photos.

I TOTALLY should be packing right now, so these photos are going to stay on their little usb stick until I'm settled and can think straight. But I couldn't stand the suspense...I HAD to edit just a few.

I could have taken this girl's picture all day long. She was honestly one of THE most beautiful brides I've ever seen.
You are one gorgeous girl, Elise.

How fun is this?!

And how fun is this photo?! It's so candid and crazy fun.
Oh and those are my kidlets in the front. They were part of the wedding party.

Just look at these stinkers...

Thank you, Pinterest for this fun shot idea. I changed it up a bit to make it mine, but I love how it turned out. :)

Matt and Elise, SUCH an honor to be part of your day in this way.
I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world.


September 23, 2011

a friday update...

Photos (completely undedited) taken of random pieces of furniture I sold this week via facebook. Social networking is a beautiful thing...

Sooo, my life is crazy. I'm on the crazy train and don't think I'm getting off anytime soon.
But y'all deserve an update, right? I am constantly amazed by this social networking thing.
Your comments, your encouragement, your love is just such a blessing to me.
So much has been happening, my head is just about to pop off, but here's a synopsis...
as well as I can synop things.....

Our officially UNDER CONTRACT!! This is such a blessing, but honestly I haven't barely stopped to realize this. Monday is our home inspection and then there's the appraisal. There's some shakey details going on, on the buyer's end...but we're staying positive. If you could at all remember to pray that the home inspection and appraisal goes well, I would be forever greatful. My banker knows all too well that these two things can set back a closing.

Our new house...we decided a few weeks ago to find a town home or home to rent. Having NO idea about the area, we feel more comfortable to rent till next summer. We have not found a place yet, but are looking online. There seems to be lots to choose from.
I'm not crazy about moving twice, but I really had to let go of the control god and just let this happen. We don't have to completely unpack everything and I know things will work out.

Moving date....this little detail took a turn for the crazy just this morning. I was thinking we'd have about a month...maybe 5 weeks. But (this is completely unofficial and may change again in the next 10 minutes, as I am learning everything does around here), it looks like we'll be on the road in 2 weeks! I am so not prepared at all...haven't even bought boxes yet. So...ya. Crazy-flippin'-train!

Sooo, pray for me, y'all. (ya, I've started adapting to the language of my new digs)
Obviously, my blogging will be sparadic in the near future. I love doing little updates on facebook. I can just type little blips here and there from my phone, such a wonderful invention...So, if you don't "like" me over there, please do. I am really needing the love right now.


September 21, 2011

when life is hectic, change your hair

So I got a haircut yesterday...It was time. I was feeling a bit too long haired.
Like maybe my commune was waiting for me. A bit too Mama Cass.
So, I realized that it's really hard to take a photo of new haircuts.
Like really.

I did a post a while back about my last haircut and I decided I love bangs.
They've always driven me nuts before but I love them now...

You know how you just need a change?
I've been so crazy busy and my hair was starting to add to the madness, it was just time...
I found a shaggy looking cut online and my Shanna worked her magic ;)

I like it...I'm trying to decide if I look like Rod Stewart or not...hmmm.
Ha! maybe a little....

I was planning a post on what a cheapy beauty supply person I am, but then
yesterday my hair girl talked me into buying this expensive texture spray...
love that stuff!  Maybe I'll still do the post, but just not talk about the texture spray :)

Time to go fluff my hair, sing a Rod Stewart song, and finish educating my kids for the day.
Happy Wednesday!


September 20, 2011

virtual coffee: what i'm up to...

Goooood Mornin'!! Believe me, that sounded much more peppy than I actually am...
and we're going to have to take our coffee to go.  Why, well because we're moving and the realtor's sign in the yard is proof.  This house is in tip top shape and when it's in tip top shape, no body moves...we just sit with our legs crossed and wait..........................................................................
so let's get out of here so I can loosen up a bit.

How are the showings going? Well, good I think.
There was a couple here for the THIRD time yesterday.
That's good right? Next time they want to see it I may just ask for rent :)
SOOO praying for an offer today! We shall see, but this "house as clean as a hospital" gig isn't really working out with 5 people in here.
I mean, my house is usually CLEAN, but UNcluttery is different...
there's always just STUFF everywhere.
So, pray with me huh? I'm exhausted with this in and out of my house stuff, even after a week!

It froze here last week and gave my seasonal allergies a much needed break.
The night before the freeze, I sent my kids out to pick all the tomatoes. See that little hand to the right of the grill? Ready to make the drop into the bowl? She was the runner, the boys were the pickers. I took pictures through the window. My allergies were super bad that day. But don't you love it when your kids work together...without arguing?! Yes, me too.

I made this for my sis. It's her birthday and I stuck it in the mail for her yesterday...
she loves yellow and grey...hope she likes it :)

Sophia has her second ballet class tomorrow.
Here's some pictures from last week because I know you're dying to see...

And speaking of Sophia, she totally looked like a camp counselor yesterday.
Braided pigtails...check!
Kacki shorts...check!

I told Jarrod this and he just looked at me....
tell me I'm wrong here...
ya, thought so.

We are movin' and shakin' with school already.
I feel like we just snap back and it's like summer was never here.
Here's some first day shots...

Look at what a nerd I am...Noah's like, "ummmm, aren't I a 4th grader now?"
Oh, yes...yes of course you are.

I'm off. Off to educate my children which may or may not be a good idea, based on my scatterbrainedness, and try to think of all the things I have to do...
there's so much to prepare, but I don't really know what to do.
Does that make ANY sense?


PS: I'm getting a haircut today. I need a little changy-poo.

Come over to Amy's (she's the sweetest thing) and have more coffee :)

September 17, 2011

{thank you notes}

Thank you, Fall afternoons...accompanied by chai tea and George Winston's Autumn CD.
You make sorting coupons and book work so pleasant and homey.
You make me remember why I love Fall and how much I've missed you...

Thank you, Yankee Autumn Wreath candle. I love your fallish scent. Your clean burn and your lovely rusty color. You are amazing, and just the right amount of smell...

Thank you, Scholastic book orders. Your books are cheap, but you're not. You are rich with scholastic goodness. You make me happy with your free shipping and your seasonal books. This month I found Monster Crafts and a Halloween 3-book set for my kids and you get it here so quick. Thank you...

Thank you, Milk Maid Braids. You are beautiful in your own country way. You keep my girl's hair out of her eyes and make me smile.

Thank you, ballet for making me so thankful for both sorts of babies...boys and girls.
Sophia shined on Wednesday, her first day. You eased her in like a well aquainted family member. You are here to stay. I love you, ballet.

Thank you, blog friends, who provided such encouragement after Thursday's post. You are the best readers ever and I'm so thankful for you!


September 15, 2011

have you ever been to asheville?

To recount the events of the last 3 weeks is nearly impossible. Puzzle pieces strewn all over the card table seemed have been put in a trance, clicking themselves together into place. Well, at least the edges and corners. Some of the inside pieces are still awry, but for the most part it's constructed.

To recount the events of the past 9 months would be even harder. I tried to somewhat communicate with you through posts like this and this, without being able to tell the whole tale.  Blogging, though a blessing in so many ways, lacks in the area of two-sided conversations. This would be much easier to express if we were at coffee, table for two or three or four (max).

Feeling UNsettled is a hard place to be. And that's where we've been for months. My limited writing abilities prevent me from properly expressing, but the past few months have left me feeling unsettled, disconnected, confused.  A craving for an adventure of sorts, a new chapter, a change has not been able to been shaken.  My journal is proof, I've been praying over this uncanny feeling that is was time for us to move for months, possibly longer. 

We live an hour away from where we both grew up. Our parents live an hour away. My brother, six blocks away. My sister, 6 hours. We have family...friends, here.  We are not angry with this place, not uncomfortable.  We have a house and job, a social group.  BUT nonetheless, this feeling would. not. leave. us.  We've been praying and searching for an answer. ANY answer...even the answer of God telling me I'm a basket case and that we were right where we'd always be.  That was totally fine with us as long as there was an answer to the unsettledness.

The answer came in the form of a job offer for a job that Jarrod had not even known  about...a plop in your lap kinda answer.  So when I ask you, "have you ever been to Asheville (NC)," my personal answer would be NO.  BUT in a few weeks it will be my new home and I couldn't feel more excited/sad/overwhelmed.  Do we have family there? Do we know one single soul? No. And No. This is on giant leap of faith. Giant.

Since accepting this offer, we find ourselves staring blankly at each other like "oh my word, what the heck!?" We're in a freaky exciting position...teeth chattering, knees knocking at the end of the diving board. Staring into the cold water. Ready to do it afraid

Even though we both know this is the answer for us, it's still scary.  This has been hard. It's been hard on us, hard on our parents. They are so sad to see us go.  And we are so sad to leave them. I'm so tired during the day, then I can't sleep at night...thinking about all the preparations to be done and the excitement ahead.  My emotions are reeling. I'm all over the map.

I am:

Grieved to leave my family (and the only "normal" I know.)
Afraid of being in complete UNfamiliarity.
Stressed to sell our house and keep everything neat and tidy for showings.
Sad to leave the home we've made our own.

BUT I am:

Blessed that God would answer us so clearly.
Excited to live somewhere totally new and different.
Thrilled to be living IN the mountains and just HOURS from the coast.
Anticipating the search for a new home and the projects that lie ahead.
Praying that God would bless us on this adventure.

Despite everything, I am at peace with the fact that God orchestrated's just way too happenchance for Him not to have.

SO, depending on the sale of our home, setting the exact date, we will be moving to North Carolina very soon.  The next few weeks will be hard. I'm not looking forward to goodbyes. At all. I'm already crying (like right now). And I hate crying.  I'm praying it will get better as time passes.  I have butterflies. But we are ready. 

Love y'all.


September 14, 2011

our last day of summer art camp

At the beginning of the summer, my homeschool mama friend and I started weekly projects with our kids, calling it our very own Art Camp. The week before school started, we did the last two projects: gazing balls and marshmallow shooters...very very good times indeed!

We got all our great ideas from Pink and Green Mama blog in her ebook. It was ridiculously fun and now we have a whole yardful of adorable artwork.

The gazing balls were fun to make. We found these clear plastic balls, squirted in some paint and swirled...then we let it dry.

After letting them dry for several hours we attached them to a dowel rod the kids painted. Don't ask how we attached them. We just did. It was not easy.
But cute, huh??

Then the marshmallow shooters. And of course, this was a blast. They loved it!

What a fun summer we had! Click here for more Summer Art Camp projects.

Now we're on to more schoolish projects. I love kids projects. Can you tell? Love it!

Hope you're having a great Wednesday!!


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