April 27, 2011

We Made Wormeries

My friend and I decided we needed to start our own mini homeschool co-op.
A literature co-op...as in we take turns at our homes, read a book to the kiddies and plan a project to go with it.
It's fun.  I love it.

Today was my day, so we made wormeries.

We read The Diary of a Worm first.
My kids love this book, it was their request.

I had no clue what to make to go with this book, but after quick trip to the wonderful Crafty Crow blog (see sidebar) and I was set!

Wormeries=super fun, easy project.

Get the full tutorial HERE, but basically cut the top off a 2 liter bottle,
and layer dirt, sand, then leaves and grass.  Add some earthworms...
cover with cling wrap and poke holes so the little wormies can breathe.

In a few days (supposedly) you'll be able to see the little worm trails.
The boys checked them all day.

They even told the worms goodnight.

My daughter wears a crown while digging for worms.
(and then later cheers for her daddy as he kills a muskrat in our front yard...while wearing his shirt and tie.
I think there's some major identity crises going on at my house.)

Storytime was great fun!
I've decided wormeries are very cool...even if I'd never heard of them before last night :)

April 26, 2011

virtual coffee #3

Good morning, friends :)
It's going to be a quick coffee today...there's a lot on the list today!
Heck there's a lot on the list this week!
Softball practice, baseball practice, 5 games, 2 homeschool functions, and a bridal shower...
hmmmm, what else could we pack in?

I hope your Easter weekend was good. 
There's something about holidays that when they are over, it makes me want to clean, like a maniac.
Yesterday, I spent a few hours outside raking, clipping, clearing dead stuff.
I tackled the kids' area.
I threw away a whole garbage can full of toys.
This photo does not do me any justice, because you can't see how bad it looked before,
but just trust me...it looks good.

I'm glad I cleaned it up yesterday because it's sprinkling out this morning.

I've been doing "storytime" with a friend and her kids for the past few weeks.
Today is my turn and we'll read Diary of a Worm and then we're making wormeries!
Oh, what fun :)
And speaking of bugs, I have ANTS in my living room!  Just a few, here and there, but still...ants!
Why my living room?

I have so much I'm working on in my shop right now...
pillow orders and a new line of garden things,
but all I want to sew is little skirts for Sophie!
It's all I can think about...I think I just need to sew a couple to get it out of my system!
Ever since I sew THIS tutorial, I'm infatuated with the idea of tons of little cute skirts.

It doesn't help that my mom just bought me the cutest fabric ever...

And I bought myself this adorable piece....

{Happy Hills by Micheal Miller}

Easter is over and here's what's left....

Is it bad that I kind of want to throw everything away??
I'm on such a throwing away rampage right now...do you get like that?

Now, I better get going...I have to attend to this now :(

(sorry for the blurry pic...i was a little shaken to come around the corner and face THIS head on!)

Have a great day!


April 25, 2011

an easter weekend recap

Easter weekend is done and it went a little something like.....


Egg Dying.

Boys, egg dying.  They were not very serious about this activity. Obviously.

Others of us were....


The sun came out.  It's been so long!


We put on our Easter bonnets....

...and headed to church.

After church was brunch...at a restaurant.
No dishes.
No cleaning.
No cooking.

After chow was egg hunting.

The end.
I hope your Easter was fab!

April 21, 2011

because I can't resist a good before and after...

I know I told you I wasn't going to do any more living room posts, but in my defense, I don't think I gave a proper before and after post.

So for those of you that don't remember, my little ol' living room started out looking something like this:

and now:






I flip flopped the room to (hopefully) create a more open feel...swaping the couch and the new chairs (ikea).
We exchanged the rug with a new jute one and I slipcovered the couch.
I was planning on painting and making new curtains, but I decided I liked the color and didn't feel like sewing curtains...so there.

I love the airy feel now...my plan is to swap out pillows, etc. depending on the season or holiday.
How about you?
Have you done any updates lately??


April 20, 2011

egg family project

Last week I told you I was going to make a better attempt at doing art class with the kids.
Two Fridays ago, we got our craft on with this little Easter
You've seen those little egg people filled with dirt and grass growing out of their heads, right?
Well, we decided to do that, but to dress them in their Sunday best.

Here's what we used, besides the eggs.

First we decorated our egg cup with fabric scraps and buttons to make their clothes.

Then we filled our empty egg shells with potting soil.

Then gave them faces and dressed them and sprinkled in some grass seeds.

And look what happens when they're watered....

Not sure why that one on the left has fangs or why that one on the right is a cyclops, but hey...it's art, right??

So today's Wednesday, which means art class today...I've got another fun project for the "students" to do.  Hopefully I can share that tomorrow.
And Friday is egg dying night.  I'm so excited for that :)
Although, I'm trying to keep my curtains closed because it doesn't look like Easter time.
In fact, it's snowing.
April has forgotten it's role of pretty rainstorms and flowers peaking up from the soil.
I think April is in a bit of a rut.
Maybe it needs some B vitamins ;)


PS: Some of you were asking yesterday why I take B vitamins....well, number one: my mom told me to.
Also, it's big job is to convert your food you eat into energy and keep your blood levels correct so you are better apt to fight off sickness.
For me, it's the energy thing...I need it.
I have 3 kids.
There isn't enough energy, ever!
Hope that helps to those of you who were wondering :)

April 19, 2011

{virtual coffee #2}

Hello and welcome to tea time at my house.
If you were here for real, I'd probably be telling you what a bad mother I was yesterday,
I was really edgy...cranky...my kids were driving me bonkers!
(I'm blaming my hormones.)
Is that bad right after I just had the coolest thing ever happen to me?!
Well, I'm better now.
I had a date with my treadmill and
then my friend healed me with vitamins.
(thank you, Dara!)

Ya, it was just one of those days...

I hardly spent 5 minutes alone before my kids were awake...making me feeling scattered from the get-go.

I tried to be fancy and French braid Sophie's hair, because French braids are always better than regular.
I say tried because I'm not very good at it. 
I think I could be better if I had a less squirmy person to practice on :)

Oh, but I did buy a new bag for myself and I'm happy about that :)

I've decided to participate in National Unplugged week.
Ya, real smart of me, huh?
It's a national thing to challenge kids to do other things besides watch tv.
Oh, and we also made the decision to unhook our cable for the summer.
We never watch tv in the summer and we'll save a ton 'o money.
(Please assure me I will be ok without this luxury.)

I forgot that I had these Resurrection Eggs and we started them last night.
Very fun little tradition...I'm excited for Easter and I have a few fun projects to show you that we did for art.

I realized yesterday that I'd been out of vitamin B for over a month and how it was really affecting me.  I take a least two a day if I'm being really good, and I ran out and forgot to refill.
Not good, but my friend Dara hooked me up and I felt better in no time.

So today, I got up early...took my B's.
It's a new day.
I'm so glad we have new days.

Thanks for coming over.
I'm glad you let me rant a bit.
What are girlfriends for?

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