November 7, 2011


How is it that the weekdays can go by so slow, but the weekends are so fast??
It's taken me 29 years and still haven't figured that one, but but hey...we made the most of it this weekend...
and I'll be honest, I was in need of a little fun after Friday's run-in with a crabby old librarian and a week of very little hubby back-up...just ready for a little weekend you know??

Saturday: lounging, rough-housing (howsing?), furniture rearranging,
Saturday morning cartooning, etsy Christmas line prepping...

Sunday: an attempt at a Christmas card photo (my family sooooo does not care that I love taking pictures and whined after all of like 5 minutes. it was short and sweet and not exactly what I was envisioning but we'll make it work.)

Why do they have to make smiling look so painful? I'm constantly exasperated with this. Out comes the camera, on comes the oh-my-word-I-have-to-pee-so-bad-smile...but they really don't have to pee, it's just how they smile with the camera on them...ugh.

Sunday afternoon: hike. This one was pretty legs are still sore.
But oh, what fun! We were downtown wearing scarves and boots in the morning, sipping coffee and being all downtown-y and in our tennies and fleece jackets in the afternoon, being all outdoorsy and granola.
That's how I can sum up Asheville so far: Urban Wildlife.

I did not have a particularly good week last week. I must have a better one.
Here's to Mondays...yeah!



Melissa said...

what is it with kiddos and christmas pickies!!??

i think yours are pretty cute- stripey tights and all...we need to somehow promise them something exciting at just the right moment so the *i gotta pee* faces become *christmas wow* faces just for the moment we push the shutter!

look at her in that headscarf- thats the gorgeous relaxed face we all need!!

melissa xx

cheryl said...

good description of Asheville! :)

Smallgood said...

Grr about the librarian. She has my dream job in my dream location. It breaks my heart that she managed to affect someone's day with her crankiness.

I love the photos. I recognize the inspiration there.

carissa said...

Gasp!!! I'm all about these Christmas card pictures. Love love love them. I wanna copy you. ; ) You are so cool and have the best best best ideas. Can't wait to see your Christmas line!

Jessica Horn said...

I think the family Christmas card turned out great!! Jack looks like a pro hiker (if that even makes sense) holding his little water bottle :) Love seeing the beautiful NC scenery. I can't imagine what it would be like in person!

Biz said...

I love the Christmas card pictures & I LOVE the family one!!!
Also I can not get over how adorable your daughter is and how longer her hair is! She has the cutest pigtail braids :)
We had a lazy lounging weekend ourselves. We needed it! We have to conserve all energy for this coming weekends move!!! Yippee!!!



katygirl said...

Alicia! Those pictures look amazing for your Christmas cards! I know here you can find some realy cute ones. :) if you want me to make a back for one so you can include more pictures let me know! Hope this week is so much better for you. :)

Heather said...

Your cute kids always look adorable! Hope you have a better week.

Beth ( said...

I just saw your blog at the Homeschool Blog Awards and decided to come check you out. Your pictures are beautiful! Love the Christmas one =-) So glad I stopped over.

I am your newest reader and would love for you to follow me back, if you want to =-)


Marissa said...

Love the family picture and your creative touch to that idea! What a good lookin' fam! Your kids couldn't be cuter in their downtown AND hiking clothes. Hope this week is better for you!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

pretty pretty pictures! I hope this week is better!!

Sarah said...

i never tire of your hiking pictures. it's so beautiful there!! the christmas pic is a keeper!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Love your photo idea! We took ours a couple of weeks ago and they're far from perfect. Getting five kids coordinated in a photo is nearly impossible.

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