a sunroom addition

A while ago I showed you my sunroom.
I always knew we were not using this room to it’s full potential. It needed a purpose.
While perusing the blog world one night, I came across Ashley Ann’s pallet bed and I died.
I was dead, but then I came back to life and got me some wood pallets.
This was quite the labor of love, but it is finished and I couldn’t be happier.
Prepare yourself for lots of photos of one teensy tiny room.
I couldn’t help it, it was self-gratification on a memory card…I had to share.

There are wood pallets all over the place, just waiting to be something more than just plain ol’ pallets.  I bought these two, but I’m sure if I would’ve tried harder I could’ve scored some freebies. These were cheap and I just didn’t feel like searching.
I did 90% of this project solo.
I used a drill…lots. I figured out the nut and bolt thing. It was interesting….
I ordered a twin sized mattress and when it got here, I realized it was quite a bit smaller than the pallets. So Jarrod sawed a couple big chunks out, hence the last 10%. ;)

I had two lonely wood boxes in the basement and stacked ’em up to create a little side table for books and a lamp. I like the way it looks with the pallets.  I added an old quilt and sewed some quick pillows. The door has been in the garage for months. I was going for a really hodge-podgy look.

I had to change out the curtains because the other ones were long, so they needed to be shorties. I was not in the mood for a big curtain gig, so I just sewed very simple panels with a large casing at the top for the curtain rod and a small casing at the bottom for a dowel rod. Then I rolled them up and looped a long piece of twine around and tied it up. Simple simple simple.

I did that all by myself ;)

The two pallets are bolted together with several bolts.
It’s already been used the last two nights for loooong reading sessions. I took a nap on it. Yeah for naps! I’m super pleased with how this turned out.
Speaking of naps……..
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42 thoughts on “a sunroom addition

  1. Oh.my. I LOVE that room. I'd curl up in there and never come out. You did an amazing job!

    My husband has banned pallets in our house ever since that e coli report came out … I keep trying to get him to reconsider but to no avail. He's ruining my crafty life.

  2. You ROCK girl! Power tools make you tough! I'll be right over with my stack of curriculum that has yet to be read and prepped. Beautiful job!! I wonder how much the shipping would be if you made one for your Etsy shop? Yes please!!

  3. Your room is completely adorable. So fun to see someone who actually completed one of those many pallet projects making their way around. It looks great. I love your fun mix of pillows – total charm. Here's to girls who use power tools!!!

  4. Alicia this looks incredible!!! I absolutely love it and cracked up about your "self-gratification on a memory card". LOL! Your sunroom looks like something from a magazine and the fabrics you used on the pillows are just perfect. Thank you so much for sharing this fabulousness with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  5. LOVE it! i know where i can get a few pallets for free… just might have to try this out soon. I also really like your curtains. I need something similar in my kitchen, but couldn't find a tutorial i liked… i can totally copy the idea with the dowel in the bottom. So double thanks!

  6. Love this Alicia ~ it looks absolutely wonderful!! Your sunroom is gorgeous- love it! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! 🙂

  7. i really really love how this turned out. you did a great job.. i only wish i had as much talent and drive to finish the projects i start! my house is a blank canvas.. and we've lived here for three years. definitely turning to your blog for some inspiration. 🙂

  8. I was wondering what material u used for the curtains… I love it and want to use something similar in my beach themed kitchen

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