August 5, 2011

scatter brained

Is 'scatter brain' one word?
If so, just pretend that space isn't there...because that's me right now: scatter BRAINED!
I'm doing things like looking for my measuring cup, ending up in the cookie cutter drawer and organizing that while my food is burning on the cook top and my kids have to be at VBS in 15 minutes.
What is UP with that?

I had bible study at my house Wednesday night and misspelled every word I wrote, couldn't focus, and nearly collapsed afterward.

This August means, birthdays x2 in my house (one of which is mine, so that's really no biggie, but still), planning for school, and a new line for my shop due out in September that I am super duperly excited for!

But all these things take time and thought...neither of which I have much of.

Sophia helped me get the school room somewhat settled...
that felt good. She's trying out her new (old) desk.
I'm on a hunt for one more too, attempting a different seating style this year.

I've also been busy this week working on Jack's party.
I am so excited for this!! My mom came and helped do some of the prep work and with her around I can get SO much done.

Does any of that look carnival-ish?  That was the goal, so I hope you said yes.
In the past 3 days we've painted cardboard, made a ticket booth, spray painted pretty much everything red or white, made invites, sent invites, gathered supplies, and bought presents.
All of that carni stuff and I feel a little scattered.

I've also been working on a project for just me.
Or whoever, I guess...but mostly me.
Remember that picture of the huge pile of pallets I teased you with the other day?
That's coming's so easy, just have to put it together...
now when I get it totally completed and post on it, that is a different story.

On a trip to the ol' Salvation Army, I found a whole pile of stuff I wasn't really looking for but really needed...creating a whole bunch more (FUN) projects...
too many ideas...too little time.

And last: this was my afternoon yesterday....

The boys both had play friends over and they had so much fun. I worked outside and they played forever in the Car Wash and squirt guns.
Gotta love boys. They're so easy...and they talk about the funniest things.

"Hey have you seen the 6th Star Wars?"
"Of course, it's the best one."
"I LOVE sushi, it's Japanese food."
"If you get shot 10 times, you're dead and you have to lay down till we're done playing."


So, I'm off to do something, but what I'll actually do is start 10 things and finish them all at 10pm.  It's one of those weeks.

Have a great Friday, friends :)



Stuff and Nonsense said...

darlin' if it makes you feel any better...i missed two whole appts. this week...never gave 'em a moment's thought until days later...sigh.


Anna @ Blissful Whimsy said...

Gosh, I'm always at least this scatter brained and I don't even have kids to take care of :o) Sometimes weeks are just like that I suppose. I think all you party stuff screams carnival and I can't wait to see the pics!

Blissful Blooms said...

Dr. Amy prescribes more coffee.
That should help. :)
Or make things worse . . .
And no wonder you are scatter brained- you have gobs of creative ideas up every sleeve you own!
The carnival stuff is pure cuteness and I will be sure to make sure my girls don't see your party pics- yowza momma! You are amazing!
I can't wait to see all your fun completed projects!
And what is the date of that very special birthday of yours? Yippee!! Happy Birthday to you my friend!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

I think it's that time of year ... everything's getting started again and it requires a bit too much thought after a summer off. At least that's my problem.

Your carnival booth is awesome! I can't wait to see the party.

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Alicia,
You are too young to be scatter brained...I thought that went along with being a 'senior'...

The party prep looks great and I'm impressed that you have your school room ready. Would you like some flashcards? I found some when I was working in the garage the other day.

By the way...the day you started running again...that's the day that the heat index was 118*. Could that be the reason your brain doesn't focus?! (Just teasing you)

Have a fabulous Friday! ~Natalie

Leanne said...

if i haven't got a list of to do's in my back pocket...i'm "screwed".....please excuse the potty mouth. :) make a big fat list!

Heather said...

Ok, so you've got me with that cute red and white ticket booth...I can hardly wait for the party to start!! :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What. An. Adorable. POST!!!! :D You have made me smile. I don't know nothin' about being a mom to boys, Miss Scarlett!!! Thanks for sharing their little conversations with us. Too, too cute! You have lots on your plate, my friend.

Enjoy your August birthdays!

Ricki Jill

The Frat Pack + Me said...

We say scatter-brained all the time...or hair brained. Don't you just love boys? They are so funny!

Busy Mamma said...

So I can be Scatter Brained too, however I find myself the MOST scattered when I'm pregnant ;)

Farmgirl Paints said...

you are a maniac...seriously girl! i don't know how you have time to do half the things you do. oh and that cool polaroid thing...teach me!

Jessie May said...

Can't wait to see the carnival party photos :) oh and I love the whole starting ten things and I totally admire you for finishing them; I've still got unfinished stuff I started years ago. Enjoy your weekend.

Deborah said...

Alicia it sounds so fun over at your place!!
Love your photos and all your "happenings"!
I understand..Im the same way..all these ideas and not enough time to do them! :s
I love boys too..they are too funny, and of course I love my beautiful daughter too! :)
Love to you and a happy week xo

Deborah xoxoxo

Siobhan aka Kiwivandal said...

LOL at the boys, I love kid conversations :)

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