July 21, 2011


Good Thursday, girlies.
Please tell me how it's Thursday? How does this always happen?
It's Monday and you've got great aspirations for the week and make a
stellar list, all ready to take on the world and then it's Thursday and you realize
hardly anything is checked off...instead you've had two pool afternoons and made corn syrup paintings.
That's ok.
I like that better anyway :)

So today's business...
a few things I've forgotten to share
and just had to...that's the business.
It's serious.
Not really.
Not at all.


Blurb.com is awesome!
Edit your pics, upload your pics, put your pics in cool layouts, pay blurb and get a sweet book in the mail a week later.
How cool is that?!

I put together a book from our trip to the Outer Banks.
Love how it turned out...here's a few pages...
I took these with my phone.
Not the best pics...

Blurb.com...you should totally blurb it up.
I should be getting paid for this right now...hmmm..


A few months ago, I was asked to sell some of the items from my garden line on
a website call Dirt Couture.
Don't know why I haven't told you till now, guess I forgot. Oops.
Anyway, it's a great site with all handmade goods for the garden.
Dirt Couture, you should check it out.
I'm selling some pillows and my seed packet holder.


Swim day.
Yesterday was another swim day.
Jack is learning to swim and it's so cool to watch him.
The kid is a natural breast-stroker and he is just a scream to watch.
He's so proud of himself.
Love watching them grow and learn...even though it pains me a bit too.


Ok, so Monday was my blog birthday and y'all could comment to win this little guy (girl?)...

If I did need a reminder of why I blog, you all delivered. Big time.
I've read your comments over and over.
It means the absolute world to me that you come over and check on my little blog.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

But since there's only one banner, I'll have to sayyyyyyy:
(or random.org has to sayyyyyyyy:)
#31: Nichole!!! COME ON DOWN!
(actually just email me your addy so I can mail that to you...enjoy, sweet friend :))

And if you're really super upset, you can still take 30% off everything in my shop for the rest of the week. (code: LAFAM2)

And I'm leaving you with this...

because cherries are really in season right now and they look pretty.

Have a fantastic-bowl-full-of-cherries kinda Thursday.



Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I think you have accomplished quite a bit this week so far :D The cherries look delicious. I will be posting a Cherry Crumble Coffee Cake recipe later this weekend.

Enjoy the rest of your week, and throw that list away!

Ricki Jill

Heather said...

Alicia, you should be getting paid for your photography! You have a real gift.

katygirl said...

scott made my blog into a book from blurb for christmas last year. now he will make me one every year. i love it.

Susie said...

Really great pictures! Looks like you're having a really good week :-)

Stuff and Nonsense said...

swimming and fresh, bright red cherries...practically perfect in every way...love the photos too!


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