June 14, 2011

virtual coffee: iced tea time

I haven't participated in Virtual Coffee for a few weeks now, and I was beginning to feel a bit
left out after reading some of your posts this morning.
So, I'm making this an afternoon tea...iced tea, in fact.
I have a few rare minutes to spare, the boys are outside entertaining themselves, and the girlie is asleep (praise Jesus!).

Let's go outside, it's gorgeous!

I have to show off for a minute, or should I say:
I have to let my ladies show off for a minute.
I don't really do much in my yard, besides some fertilizing and weeding, but somehow it looks so pretty right now.

The vines in the backyard are growing up the house like crazy.
I love them.

I've planted some pots with annuals, but I need to go get a few more things.
I was a little deterred when I went and spent a big wad of dough and the next day
appeared a sign on the nursery door that everything was 50% off.
Don't you just hate that?!

We're working on our Summer List...
this past weekend we planted the garden and went swimming.
Check. Check.

I watched/struggled through Nights in Rodanthe, just to view the scenery.
(Sorry, I just don't like that movie! I just watched it cause it was filmed on the Outer Banks...and I just wanted to revisit.)
Anyway, Check.

Aren't these fun?!
My sweet homeschooling mama friend and I are doing a summer art camp with our kiddos.
Every week we're making a project for the yard/garden.
Tomorrow they're coming over to make fairy gardens...I'll be sharing pics for sure.

My kids have the cutest little hangout in the backyard.
I think the previous owners used it for a kennel, but now it's just a kid kennel,
and it works great!

Ok, thanks for the teatime.
I love having good girlfriends over, especially when we can lounge on the patio.
Thanks for coming over :)




thetwistedruffle said...

i'm a firm believer that chives produce the most beautiful flower ever! my hubby and i were just talking about it and saying that next year we will plant some chives all over our property! you must love them too eh?

oh, and it was nice to chat with ya!

april@gingerbread girl said...

totally fantastic photos....love the bucket with flowers in it!

Leanne said...

i puttered in the garden today too...and drank way too much iced tea! just planted the same vine on the front of my place...can't wait to see how it looks once it's spread itself out...
thanks for the visit :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

i didn't like that movie either. it was a complete disappointment. i'm glad you showed your yard. i don't remember seeing it before. they do have a great little spot back there.

Alanna said...

A kid kennel... hehe! Looks absolutely beautiful :)

Heather said...

How great your garden looks! I can hardly wait to see the fairy gardens!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Love the minnow bucket and I love the kid kennel. What a great play space!


I made the best ice tea today . . . wish you were here. Except I poured hot water in my favorite pitcher and cracked it. Wasn't thinking.

I steeped 8 teabags (Trader Joe's pear ginger tea) in 4 cups of water for 10 minutes. Then added 4 cups of apple juice. YUM>


Susie (September) said...

Oh i loved seeing your garden, it's beautiful xx

Melissa said...

love hanging out under your summer vines A...

watching your cutie pie kiddos play in their kennel...what a fab little play area- and just outside the kitchen isn't it?

i'll be bringing mine with me next time- your boys like soccer?

melissa xx

{Amy} said...

i love richard gere so i had to watch that movie too but was also a little disappointed BUT i loved that place and the scenery and i think that was kind of worth it for me : ) your kids have a great little spot back there, your backyard looks so cozy! thanks for having us over for tea!

Christina said...

I really didn't like that movie either and was a bit concerned when I saw it on your Summer Fun List. I'm so glad to hear you didn't like it either. It was so depressing!

Lissa said...

well your yard just looks fantastic! Enjoy it and enjoy the summer with your kiddos! LOVE the chives. THey're so cute!

meg duerksen said...

you have such a pretty yard alicia!!
i love your garden stone!
so cool how the fence reflects on the rocks in it in your picture!

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