June 9, 2011

i {heart} summer

I'm a summer baby.
And I love it with all my heart.

Summer is so easy.
No coats/hats/mittens/boots.
Dinner is simpler, just grill something and throw in a side dish...

like this:

Not just for summer, but all the seasons, I change things like
some of the decor in the living/dining room.
I change out pillows on the couch...
lighten everything up.
Get our shorts down from the attic storage.
Change out my cd's in the kitchen, where I listen to most of my music.

There's just something about summer that longs for jazz and Frenchy music to fill the air.
My lemonade and iced tea needs some Miles Davis.

This year we did what all the cool kids are doing and
made a summer fun list.
Ours is hanging on the door in the dining room.

~The Kid Car Wash: this looked so cool! It was in the latest issue of Family Fun mag.  This will be so fun!

~Outdoor Movie Night: I love this idea too, but have no idea how to pull it off.  Like, where do I get a projector? Do I have to buy one? I'll have to research this one a bit :)

~Go on vacation: yes, we put something we already did just for the simple gratification of crossing something off.

~Shark T-shirts: another fun idea from Family Fun.

~Learn about weather: school never really ends. We'll be doing a little unit on weather. I figured summer would be a better time than icy tundra time...not too fun to study.

Looks like fun, eh?
And actually achievable since we made the
decision as a family to not do any summer activities.
I know!
Now my kids will be way behind the other kids in their tee-ball skills!!
Oh well, we're making a kid car wash instead.
This no activity thing excites me...it makes me glad for summer, rather than ready to brace myself for the whirlwind :)

With all this fun stuff going on,
I thought I'd put together my own list.
I'll print it out remind myself to have some fun too.

~ Dinner party: I am so picturing little twinkle light strung across my backyard and setting a sweet little garden-y table for my girlfriends...maybe we'll have husbands come too, if they're lucky. I'm sure they would appreciate the twinkle lights.

~Movies: If I don't write these down, I won't watch them.
P & P...because I just read the book and now want to watch it
Nights in Rondanthe...I actually don't really like this movie, but it will remind me of the Outer Banks. ahhhh.

~Plan the school year: yes, this is very fun to me...what's better than buying books??!!

~Quiet Time on the Patio: I always say I'm going to bring my coffee outside and do quiet time out there, but never do...this summer I must!

Well, I better get off this computer and start enjoying my summer!!

I'm hoping you're ready for yours and plan on having some fun too!



Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Both lists sound great. I love that you made the Mama list.

Enjoy that coffee out on the patio!

Farmgirl Paints said...

geesh your organized. my summer list is going to consist of packing, crafting, unpacking, hopefully swimming and trying not to lose my mind. oh and i'd love to visit dc and the beach before school starts. i'd be pretty happy if that gets accomplished! i'd love the outdoor movie thing. i've always wanted to try that.

Mandy said...

LOVE your list!
my post was on NOT doing a lot this summer too:) you've never seen P&P?!!! the one with colin firth is by far the most accurate to the book! and i read nights in rodanthe thinking 'that movie was not that good'...and then read your commnet-Ha! great minds;) I'd love to come to the party if a plane ticket is included in the invite. i pinkie promise i'll ewww and ahhh over twinkle lights;)

thetwistedruffle said...

soooo, i just want to say that after i saw your blog this morning, i had to have a convo with my hubby! this is like the 5th time i've gone to read your blog and you've beat me to the punch on something!!! i swear we'd be good "real life" friends! our minds are seriously on the same wavelength! i'm going to make our summer list and post about it anyway, but maybe we could start coordinating our projects?

Blissful Blooms said...

You are so stinkin' cute!
Let me know when the twinkle light garden party is- I'll be right over. Hope you're enjoying your day with your kiddoes! Hooray for a relaxed summer!!
(and I too am already thinking about school stuff for next year)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I finished our list up today and couldn't help but sneak a few of my own things on there. ;) I really should have done my own list, too! Nicely done. :)

Melissa said...

i want a list too!!!

the school year for us doesn't finish for another month....but i have plans a plenty!

maybe i'll just get the cardboard ready for a list ;)

loving the outdoor cinema...i'll be stealing that one...
i bought the movie Pride & Pred for miss.ella {13} yesterday as she is totally into *period*movies...
{have you seen the Duchess??-brilliant!}

enjoy lovely gal,,,,melissa xx

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