June 2, 2011

etsy spotlight: clara elise boutique

Ok girlies, have you been enjoying yourself this week?
Have you made any purchases ;)
Well, I've got two more etsy features to share with you.
Today is Vanessa from Clara Elise Boutique

Your shop name and web address:
Blog: http://www.claraeliseboutique.blogspot.com/
Etsy: www.claraeliseboutique.etsy.com 

You can also find us on FB


How long have you been in business and did you start on etsy or somewhere else? (craft show, etc.) :

I started the Etsy shop in March of this year 2011. So I haven't been in business very long.

Explain what you sell and how you get inspiration for new items. :
 Currently I'm selling hair accessories. Flower clips and headbands. I get inspiration from beautiful things I see online. checking out other Etsy shop owners. I see something I like and think how I can put my spin on it and make it my own. I love anything romantic and girly.


Did someone inspire you to start a shop? (family, other bloggers/etsians, etc.)
My daughter inspired me, like so many mom's out there. I wanted to make her cute accessories and when I started, I found I enjoyed it A LOT! I enjoy creating things and love to accessorize.

Do you stock your shop with the same items or does it differ by the season, etc?
Since I'm so new to Etsy and the biz, I just stock it with different items. Whatever I make that I like and want to sell.

What are your plans for the future of your shop...where do you hope to be in 3 years? 5 years?
I really hope the shop will take off, I still haven't had a sale which has sort of hindered my ability to continue to stock the shop, But I Love doing it, so I want to continue coming up with beautiful things. I'd like to have collections and one day a site to sell my accessories. One day I would like to add jewelry and other accessories. I would love to make hats. A boys line of bow ties and even neckties. In 3-5 years I hope to still be selling, but on a bigger level. I need business cards, we will be out and everyone will just love my daughters accessories, but I have a problem being a salesman...I hope to get better at that!

What's your favorite crafting snack?
 I find chocolate is my favorite crafting snack, it cleans the mind and soothes the soul! :)

What's your favorite crafting music?
Mariah Carey's first album is one of my favorites for crafting, as well as Oasis. Not sure why.

Is there anything else my readers should know about you and your Etsy biz?
I'm always looking for feedback, if you think there is something you would like to see or if you have some constructive criticism I'm open to any and all feedback. This questionnaire has inspired me, I think I'm going to go create now! Thanks so much for featuring me, I would hope to be an inspiration for your readers and help them achieve their dreams and goals. Deep right?!


So there you have it: Clara Elise Boutique.
Go check out Vanessa's shop...lovely things for any little squeezable baby girlie :)
See you tomorrow for our last Etsy spotlight!



Catherine said...

What a cute little model! :) Best wishes on your handmade adventure...and thanks for sharing your story.

Farmgirl Paints said...

those are so cute. perfect little model to show them off. i agree chocolate does somehow cleanse the soul;)

Karen said...

Adorable hair accessories and your model is the cutest! My first granddaughter was just born 2 weeks ago so I'll be checking your shop for sure!

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