February 23, 2011

wedded bliss

I realize I've been a bit MIA here in Blogville lately, but let me assure you...I have good reasons.

I've been so busy, I'm not even sure which way is up!  Between custom orders and other commitments, it's been crazy at our house.
Another thing that was keeping me busy last week was our friends' wedding.  Our whole family was involved in the wedding and we were busy getting ready and doing all out wedding duties.

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner and it was so fun.
After we ate, our friends handed out gifts to all the people involved in the wedding and shared why
each person was special to them.  I thought it was such an awesome way make the night special.
You have to know that Nick, the groom, was friends with my hubby in college and he's not...how do I say it?...
a very sentimental guy.
He works full time for the Army, his hobbies include weight lifting, tools, and disc golf, and he's about to do his 2nd tour in Iraq.  Not the biggest softy I know...ok?
So, while he was sharing about all the people he'd asked to be in the wedding and why they were special to him,
he got really emotional and it was such a sweet moment.
I loved how they did that :)

For their gift, I chose to do something a little sentimental too.
Lindsey loves handmade things and I thought she'd like something handmade from me :)
I made them two pillows...one with "mr & mrs" and another with their wedding date...just a gift card seemed too impersonal for this event.
I hope they liked them...they're far away in Jamaica now, so I'm not sure what they thought.
(oh ya, and we're stuck in 17" of snow again, UGH!)

Noah was an usher (which was so stinkin' adorable to watch) and Jack and Sophie were the guest book attendants.

Just look at this photo...is it just impossible to get a good picture of more than one kid at a time?!
Noah looks like smiling hurts, Sophia has major static hair, and Jack is staring into space....oh well...

Yes, Noah's wearing a sweet little tux and it was so adorable.
I was so bummed for him, though.  He was so excited to dance that night and he got a bad fever and had to go home after dinner :(

Daddy was the best man and gave a killer toast at the reception :)

My two little kids absolutely tore it UP on the dance floor and have been talking about it ever since!
Jack so wanted to dance with the beautiful bride and when he got the chance, he grinned ear to ear the whole time :)

I'm a little drained at the moment...taking care of sick kids, a big wedding, and family visiting this weekend is kicking my butt right now!

But what a special day and such a blessing to be a part of it!

Congrats to Nick and Lindsey...we love you both!!



Biz said...

Everyone looks so happy & I love the kids picture. It's the fact that it's not perfect that makes it perfect :D
I hope you find some time to sit and relax soon. I understand the chaos of life...I feel like my recent posts have been sub-par...
I too have company this weekend and all my free time is spent prepping the house, hopefully this weekend with them will renew my writing skills!
Have a Blessed Week!

CurlyGirly said...

oh, i love weddings. they are so sweet and lovely. i haven't been to one in a long time now that i think of it.

your kids look sweet!

and, i totally know what you mean about getting a good picture of all of them at the same time. i have that problem, all.the.time.

kia200013a said...

You have the most beautiful family! They look so sweet!

I also love love love the way you package the things you make. When I got our stockings I was so impressed by the packing I almost didn't want to open it! I have kept my hymnal page as well!

Nicole said...

I love dancing!!!I agree with your kiddos on that! So sad that your son wasn't able to live his saturday night fever dreams :( And yes, we missed you but I have been MIA also lately so at least I didn't miss out on too much.

Lissa said...

that's such a bummer that your son missed out on the dancing. Love the pillows. Enjoy your weekend and get some rest.


Enjoy some rest, dearest.

Your kids are adorable!


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