February 1, 2011

{happy february}

Good Day, Girlies!
How was your weekend? I guess it's Tuesday isn't it?!
I had about 25 places to be on Saturday, but Sunday was a total veg day...
church, then couch...that's how my day was.  I snuggled with my baby girlie and watched Snow White AND
the Little Princess and watched more snow coming down.
But Monday was back to business...I was UN.STOP.ABLE yesterday.
Seriously, I was an animal...I got done everything and then some off my list and had my first photography class last night.  Now watch, today I won't get a thing done :)

So did you know today is a new month?!
To ring in the month of love with a little pizazz, I made Sophie a little repurposed sweater to celebrate.

Here's what I did:

I made sure and zig-zagged the raw edges when I was done.

I actually should have taken more off the bottom...it's still a little long.

Now it's the tricky part: I don't love gathering things...I find it too touchy trying to make it even.
Just go slow and try not to swear.

Now for the elbow patches....

Just look at her...what a goof!!
She's getting a little crazy at this point.  It's 4:30pm and she's had no nap.
An hour of quiet time, yes. But no sleepy. 
She's fighting it...and I'm fighting back.
She's too little to not have a nap anymore.  The end.

There now, you have just enough time to make one for each little girl in your house :)

Have a great Tuesday!


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Simply adorable ~ the sweater, your girlie and your sweet blogging style.


CBJ said...

how did you learn to sew? it's a dream of mine. i learned once, but didn't keep it up, so now i wouldn't have a clue where to start!

Farmgirl Paints said...

That is so beyond cute Alicia. Seriously! You'd be proud of me. I made pillows this weekend. And they turned out kinda cute.

That assignment sounds daunting. What in the world does "new" mean?? Good luck with that. Can't wait to see what you come up with:)

Robin said...

It's adorable! I've always been afraid to cut into sweaters. Always thought they would unravel beyond compare, thanks to you I know better now!

Anonymous said...

great job on this one!!! I also recycle a lot of old clothes!!!!

Alison said...

So cute! Thanks for linking up to Fridays Unfolded!

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

Oh "sew" cute, love it!I'm happily blog hopping today and so glad I found your lovely blog. Wishing you happiness and a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Katherine

Tammy said...

I love your re-fashion tutorials! More please! I have a pile of old clothes I want to re-fashion into something useful. :D Great site too! Your children (and husband) must "rise and call you blessed"!

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