November 30, 2010

quick redo

Am I the only one out there that puts off projects that I don't really want to do??

Ok, so I have this little chair that sits beside my desk and it was getting very tired looking.

The pillow had a tear on the seam and
the footstool had been bleached one too many times and it got a small tear and one day Sophie decided to make the tear bigger,
so it looked something like this....

Not good.
So the other day, I just got totally sick of looking at it and I took about 45 minutes and gave my chair a little fix-up.

I started by printing an "h" onto some transfer paper.
(i'm not sure if i love the font i chose, but oh well :))

Then I ironed it onto a scrap piece of toile fabric from the previous pillowcase.

Then I made a simple pillowcase from some burlap...
which happens to be what I'm making everything out of lately!!

Sophia was helping me design it...she thought it needed a bunch of buttons. :)
I actually do like it, but I didn't want to sew a ton of buttons on at that point!

So here's the end result...

With the tear on the footstool,
I decided to do sort of a tattered, patchy look and
layer some different patches over the tear.

I used some plain cream cotton, burlap, and more scrap toile.
Around the toile patch, I hand stitched some thick thread.

Better, right?
Yes, I think it is.
I wonder what other projects I can do now that will take 10 minutes that have been bugging me for 10 months :)

Have a great day!!


My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

November 29, 2010

and the {fun} begins...

So now with Thanksgiving over, I am tearing down my fall stuff and trying to plan for Christmas.
If you read my last post, you already know I got somewhat of a start on my shopping.  BUT decorating is always the next big endeavor.

I love making my house all festive and cozy for Christmas, but
I realized last year if I don't think about things before we get our tree, I'm moving and redoing for hours before I get it right.
So this year, I'm a plannin'....

Here's my inspiration....

{pottery barn}

I love this paper garland.  But at $12 for 5ft....I think not.
I have some cream colored ribbon that I'm thinking maybe I can make into this garland with some stamps.  We'll see...

I don't usually use a lot of stuff when I decorate for Christmas...usually just a lot of cedar branches and greens.
I like the "Little Women" look for Christmas. :)

I might try making some of these candles too for my mantle.

And I'm loving this centerpiece idea...maybe for my buffet??

I have such a busy week this week...
so besides getting my Christmas decorating started, I am:
  • Planning a Christmas party for Common Mamas
  • Overseeing Noah practice his piano 12hrs a day to get ready for his recital on Sunday
  • Packaging up lots of stuff to send out from my shop
  • Finish several custom orders
  • Start a new unit on Inventors for school
  • Do a little "Cyber Monday" shopping today :)
Well, the kids are almost done with their morning chores...and the school bell is ringing.  Better Go!

Have a great Monday, girlies!!


November 26, 2010

black friday

I never thought I would ever do this, but in the morning
(I'm typing this Thursday), my sister and I are getting up at the crack of dawn to shop till we drop...
which I think we literally will because we'll be so stinkin' tired!

I'm a first timer with the whole black Friday thing
 and I hope I don't get trampled or bitten or anything of that nature.

BUT, if you're smarter than me and are doing all your shopping online.....

...head over to my shop.
To celebrate the busiest shopping weekend of the year, I'm offering 10% off everything in my shop.
Just use the coupon code "BEMERRY" when you check out.
This code will be offered through Monday evening.

I'm adding a few new Christmas things, so you may want to check those out too :)

Have a fantastic weekend....

we had a great Turkey Day...I hope you did too :)

PS: My sis and I are headed to Target (only)...has anyone seen those Target commercials with that hilarious Lady?? O my goodness sakes...she cracks ME UP!!

I am back already (6:15am)...and that was crazy!!
Target was a madhouse...lines wrapping around the store to check out...running...bumping...YIKES!!
Planned to get there by 4am, but "slept in" till 4:20.
BUT we still got everything on our lists AND we actually got some pretty sweet deals.

That kind of felt a little like a time warp:
We left the sleeping house,
went to a bright, loud, crazy place,
then returned to a still sleeping house.

Did that really just happen?

November 24, 2010


Thanksgiving Eve is almost as exciting as Christmas Eve...isn't it??
Tomorrow we'll have a feast to top all feasts...
gather with family...
enjoy each other.

My pies are baked, stuffing is prepped, table is set.
My turk is taking a salt bath in his brine.
It's time to quiet and still.

I've been so blessed this year.
My kids are happy and healthy.
My husband has a good job and provides for our family.
I've been so busy with my shop and I'm loving it!
Life is good.

But I'm also thankful for the challenges of this year.
The hard times, the more difficult times of this year.

Because it all shapes us...
refines us.

I am thankful...
God is so good.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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November 22, 2010

thanksgiving table

This weekend was so much fun!
All the boys went deer hunting, so Sophia and I stayed home and got some serious girl time :)
Friday night we had a movie night and watched Beauty and the Beast.
Then Saturday morning we got up and went shopping together.

Then Saturday night, I decided to get some of my Thanksgiving things done before my crazy week starts.
I made 3 Pottery Barn inspired centerpieces for the main table.

Then I made a table cover for the kid's table.
Here's how to make a Martha inspired table...

You can find the templates HERE.

I feel good now that the "pretty" stuff is done and I can just focus on the cooking!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, girls :)

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My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

November 21, 2010

crazy crafting!

I don't know what's gotten into me, but I've been crafting up a storm lately!

I found this fabulous Christmas planner idea over
at Eighteen25 blog and made one and then shared it at our
Common Mama meeting last week and we all made them together.
{i am in love with my planner!!}

Then I made some things for my Thanksgiving table....
then between crafting with the kids, things for my shop, and a little living room furniture spruce-up I did...I've been busy crafting away!

I will be sharing all my projects later this week :)

Now go check out that link to make a Christmas planner!
Believe need one :)

November 20, 2010


I wanted to share this fun little tradition we do every December...

...yes! Advent boxes.  I usually have them on a bookshelf in the living room...waiting to be opened every day in December.

All you need to make these is
25 little paper mache boxes from the craft store.
I used different shapes, but you could use all the same for a more uniform look.

And paper...that's it!
I did these boxes a few years ago, so I can't even tell you what kind of paper I used, but the set below is from Making Memories and I saw it at target.

So, that's all you need.  Then just figure out how you want them to look.
Stamping the tops with plain numbers would be cute too.

The kids take turns of who open the box every day.
They get so excited to open it and it's usually only like a piece of gum or a Hershey kiss.

Sometimes I put a note or an instruction to do something sweet...
"help your mom an extra lot today:)"

Now you've got just enough time before December 1st to go make this :)

Have fun...

...I know she will :)

Have a great weekend!

November 19, 2010

::thursday @ 9pm::


The Mr. and I attended a businesses function for his job and
came home to 3 little dears not in bed....
apparently they didn't want to listen to the sitter??

So, here's what I got...

{mommy taking photos of herself looking halfway spiffy after going out...
"the sitter" in the background checking fb (aka: my brother)}

{daddy taking over bedtime patrol.}

{sophia: taking her sweet time brushing up...goodnight, stinker!}

November 18, 2010

School Report

I feel like I haven't posted about what we're doing in school FOREVER!
So, here's a little update.....

We finished our Knights & Castles unit and we're taking a history break and moving on to some science...studying simple machines.

I have to be honest, physical science is NOT my forte.
I quite dislike it actually, but the boys love it and I know they need it for school.
SO...I called in the recruits for this unit.  It's just a quick one, like two week unit and I called in my co-ed brother to help with some tutoring.
(is a co-ed just a girl going to college?? if so...he's not a girl, he's a boy..guy...whatever)

Jesse's really good with handy stuff and my boys adore him.
So they're having a lot of fun this week...
studying all things "simple machines"

So there you have it...
I think they have two experiments left and they're done!
It's nice to have a little back-up sometimes.
Thanks, Jess!

Have a great day!!!

today I'm thankful for....

family :)

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