October 29, 2010

8 years ago...

I'm calling this an anniversary post, but it's dreadfully late....

like our anniversary was, um...a month ago.

So, better late than never right??


On October 5th, eight years ago...I married my bestest friend...

....that's what we were first...friends.
Good friends.

We started dating the summer before Jarrod's senior year of high school...
before my junior year.

We hit it off right away, and after only a couple of months we started using the M-word...
yes, in high school...freaky huh??

                                                   We had and still have so much fun together.

Our relationship is a bit unconventional in the way that we just celebrated our
8th anniversary and in a couple of months
you'll read about my oldest baby's 9th birthday....
ok, you do that math on that one.  :)

So because of that fact alone, I can say that our marriage has not been exactly stress-free.

But then again, who's has been??

Nobody's marriage is perfect, but when you throw in a baby from the get-go,
adds a whole other level of effort.

We never had a "honeymoon" stage...never got to enjoy that alone time together...
but we've gotten through those tough college years when we had 0 dollars to our names,
gotten through the "up all night" baby years,
successes and losses...we've been through it.

One of those successes we've had together...all by ourselves is this...

our first house.

We had decided not to get each other gifts this year.  But when I found out Jarrod actually was getting me a gift, I knew exactly what I wanted to get him (us).

I had seen the coolest post over on my sweet friend, Becky's blog.  She does these adorable custom paintings (among other great things) and I fell in love!  She calls her art "almost childlike" and I love that!
I thought...what a better symbol of our life together, than a painting of our home.

Ms. Becky added all the details...the vines in fall colors, the urns on the front steps, the 204 on the front door.

So, do you love?
I love!

And most importantly, he did too :)
(he even took a pic with his phone to show his bank peeps. sweet, right??)

Probably one of the coolest gifts I've ever given.  :)

Love you, sweets :) 
I'm so happy to be Mrs. Hutchinson.
Thank you for your support and for taking such good care of me and our bebes.
 I'm looking forward to our honeymoon stage....
in about 16 years.
It'll be better that way, we'll have more money than we would've when we were 20, right?  :)

love always,

5:00pm today

If you've never read the blog eighteen25, you sooo need to.
They have awesomely terrific craft ideas for moms AND kids
and they are starting a new linky series
called Snapshots of Life.

So they asked all who participate to take a picture of what's going on
at their houses at a specific time...
and that time was 5:00pm.

So, here's what's up:

At 5pm today I was at my sewing table working away....

trying to turn a "sheet" (my mom and I decided it was the cheapest cheesecloth fabric ever, but called a sheet by Walmart) into a beautiful dress for my little Princess Leia.

That's right, all 3 kiddos were being magically transformed into Star Wars characters this afternoon, getting ready for the big day!!

Feeling like I had poured every last ounce of creativity I possessed into my Etsy shop, I called in some backup on the costumes.
I seriously have the best mom ever and she's oober creative!! 
So, she came for the whole day...
watched kids while I went to Common Mamas, helped kids with school,
made lunch, went shopping with me for costume stuff,
helped make three costumes happen!!
Thanks, mutha :)

This is me when my thread kept getting messed up in the cheapo sheet and I thought I'd have to throw the thing over Sophie's head and call her a ghost!!!

This is me when I realized it was almost time for dinner and my thread was still getting messed up.

But all turned out great...Jack appears to have never doubted me :)
The costumes turned out adorable and I can't wait to share pictures.
We did a small dress rehearsal and my mom and I were dying, we laughed so hard!!

Jack + garbage can=R2D2

Noah+ light saber + brown cape = Obe Wan (no clue on the spelling on that one!)

Sophie + scouring pads + cheap Walmart sheet = Princess Leia

So there's my Snapshot...
can't wait to share more!!

October 27, 2010

toil and trouble

Even though we're a crazy, homeschool family, we still celebrate Halloween...a little bit.
I'm not like watching Chuckie to get in the mood, or teaching my kids witchcraft,
or hanging Halloween lights outside....
ok, but I do have a really cute witch hat and broom at my front door.

But that's cute, right?

I love the dress up part of Halloween...the fun of it.
I don't like all the spooky, blood stuff
when I found an idea in an old art book from the library for witch collages,
I knew we had to try it!

noah's witch

To do this project, rummage through your sewing cabinet and find whatever looks like it could be witchy.
Also, you need black felt and green and black paper and sticks for the broom.  Oh, and yellow felt.

If I was computer saavy enough to share my templates, I so would.  But, unfortunately I'm not that saavy.
So, here's what I cut out with the black felt.
I basically just free handed it.
But you can cut out a stencil with paper first if you want to.

With the green paper, cut out a head and hands.
I used green knit fabric for the stockings.

Then, let your kids go for it!!  The boys were very particular about
what ribbon went where and the colors in her hair.
I had some yellow and gold buttons and they stuck those on with hot glue.
(well, I did I guess)

I had some googly eyes on hand, so we used them for her eye.
If you don't have googly eyes, just use paper.

Don't forget to hang a felt moon in the sky for her to fly over :)

jack's witch

Happy Halloween!!

October 25, 2010

my military experience

Ok, so I've never set foot on a military base of any kind before last week
can I just say...holy buckets, I could get used to it there!! :)

Like I said yesterday, the boys and I traveled to San Diego last week
to see my little (can i call a marine little??) cousin graduate from boot camp
at Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

The base was actually quite something. 
At over 90 years old,
it was a sight to see.

Thursday was family day. 
These guys had been in boot camp for 13 weeks at that point...
unable to talk to anyone besides each other OR crazy drill instructors who basically
screamed at them the whole time.

So...needless to say, my cousin Alex was pretty excited to see us!
When we finally got to talk to him, all he said was,
"You guys have NO idea how happy I am to see you!!"

{graduation ceremony}

So, why did I like it there so much??
Well, let's just say that my OCD genes were in absolute heaven!!

The base was absolutely immaculately clean and tidy.

All the Marines were impeccably neat and ironed...not wrinkles to be seen.  Anywhere!

Before graduation, all the guys brought all their bags out and lined them up so they were ready when
the ceremony was over.  These 500+ bags were line up in perfectly straight,
organized lines....I LOVED that :)
(so mad i didn't get a pic of the bags...all you OCD readers would've loved it too!)

It took everything in my not to run like a crazy woman into the barracks and see all those neatly made
bunk beds with the best hospital corners ever!

The other thing was the manners...all those men were full of
"yes ma'am's" and "good afternoon, sir's" and "excuse me, ma'am's"...
The boys even caught on to this and have been saying
"yes, ma'am" to me!!
I have to say, I could totally get used to THAT!!

But besides my OCD euphoria, it was a great experience to see firsthand.
I was especially happy my boys were there to see it all.
Seeing how excited the new Marines were to have accomplished 13 weeks of over-the-top
training, was contagious.
  We all gushed over our new Marine :)

On Wednesday, we were lucky to spend a few hours at a very mellowed out Sea World.
There were no lines, no crowds, and perfectly coolish weather.
Could not have asked for a better day!

Before we went on this trip, I thought it would be so freaky if my kids signed up for the military.
But now, I've changed my tune a bit.
Not that I'd be super excited about war and all the dangers that come with being in the
military, but there is something very special about committing your life to your country.

So, if one of my boys (or girl, yikes!) decided that was the path for them, I'd be really proud
of their decision. 
I find it to be a very noble choice :)

So, congrats on graduating, Alex!!
And thank you so much for your commitment to our country!

Have a terrific day, fellow Americans :)


manic monday

i'm home!
between going to our hometown last weekend so jarrod could go hunting,
getting home sunday night and taking off for san diego monday and
getting home friday night at midnight,
i'm about ready to chill at home!!

the boys and i traveled with my aunt and uncle to san diego.
what brought us to cali was my cousin graduating from marine corps boot camp
after 13 weeks of crazy intense training.

i promise to share more about that part of our trip later, but right now
my mind is in overdrive!!!
it's 11pm and i am making a list of everything i have to get done this week.

here's a snippet of my to-do list:
  • plan common mama meeting for thursday
  • write review for curriculum choice
  • mail out http://www.etsy.com/shop/lafamilleathome orders
    (thanks for the shop love, girls!!)
  • finish a couple more banners for my shop
  • make Halloween costumes(any ideas on transforming my 3 hoodlums into star wars characters would be greatly appreciated!)
  • catch up on a few school projects
  • type up newsletter for homeschool group

     hmmm....that should keep me busy!  it seems like every activity i'm involved in
    is demanding something of me this week.

    i like being busy, but this might be pushing it!
    i need to make sure i get up early tomorrow,
    get a good amount of caffeine in my system,
    go for a run,
    get a good start to my day.

    i don't know about anyone else out there, but 
    i need to be really careful to take care of myself when i get too busy.
otherwise, i end up biting everyone's head clean off and turning into

ok...now off to bed :)

i'll leave ya with a sweet little image of my trip....

have a great monday!!


October 19, 2010

give thanks

happy tuesday!!

just wanted to let you know a couple things.....

i've added a couple more thanksgiving banners to my shop. :)

and i flew the coop for a few days....

my boys and i are headed to sunny CA for a few days.
don't hate me....please :)

i'll tell ya all about it when I get back.


October 18, 2010

old made new

I did a quick little project last week with a hand-me-down dress for Sophie.
A friend gave it to me and she had gotten it as a hand-me-down, so this dress has been
around the block!

It was a 4T...way to big for Sophia and I thought it was feeling a little tired.
Plus Sophie is in need of some cute skirts.
So here's how I turned her little ol' dress into a new fun skirt:

First I measured...allowing for a casing at the top and cut it in half.

I found the center, measured about 2'' down and made myself a button hole.
I wanted a button hole so I could put a cute drawstring in.
I also used some elastic, so I sewed a long piece of ribbon to each end of a wide piece of elastic.

Then I turned the waist over, then over again...pressing to keep it flat.
Make sure you measure the elastic you're using so the casing is wide enough.

Sew around casing, leaving a spot for the elastic.
Feed elastic/ribbon through the casing and tie a bow in the front.

Lastly, put it on an adorable 2-year-old and watch her twirl :)

Have a terrific day!!



October 15, 2010

la famille @ home!!

On Monday, I posted a mysterious post about something I was working on...

here goes....

For the past few months, I've been trying to figure out how to create an
outlet for myself.

A way to really nurture my creative side.

And so, I came up with La Famille @ Home...
my own indy biz and Etsy shop!!!

To say I'm excited to give my little announcement
would be quite an understatement!

I've been working on starting my own Etsy shop for months and today is the day!!

I've been up half the night listing my wares...I'm tired,
but so happy to be an "official"
business owner!!

I have lots of plans for my little shop.

But mostly, it's just for me...

to have an excuse to do what I love...

creating fun things.

In my shop right now, I have

photo frames,


and a fun fall banner.

I've got some other things to list,


I'm pooped!!

Stay tuned for more...

I'm thinking pillows, clothing....



Only time will tell.

You can keep updated on what's in my shop by
checking out my sidebar :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Have a great weekend!!

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