April 29, 2010


We're continuing on with world cultures and last week was Africa. We read books, learned about the landforms there, talked about African animals, food, and native hand crafts.

Here's some of the books we read....

We learned that in Africa, the women make beautiful baskets from many different things. One of those things is fabric.
So we made our own baskets, and here's how...
1. cover a bowl with plastic wrap. mix equal parts glue and water in another bowl. (next time, i would use deeper bowls as our mold.)
2. take small scraps of colorful fabric and dip in the glue. make sure it's really saturated, then use your fingers to push off the excess so it's not dripping.
place over the plastic wrapped bowl, overlapping each square so there's no gaps.

sophia loved this project! she was so into it!!
Here's the finished bowls....

April 22, 2010

European Studies

Bonjour! Just a quick post about last week's studies:
Continuing on with our World Culture unit, we studied some of the countries on the continent of Europe. We looked at Russia, Italy, and France. We talked a lot about some of the landmarks in these countries and we discovered we eat a lot of food from these countries...think beef stroganoff, spaghetti, quiche.
We are getting busy with baseball and other activities, so we're taking it easy on a bunch of projects, but we're still doing a lot of reading. Here's a few of the books we used to study Europe....

April 13, 2010

Asian Studies

For the last several weeks of school, we're going to be studying world cultures. Each week, we'll focus on a different continent and look at a few countries within each continent. I don't have a ton of projects planned, since this time of year starts to get busy, but I am planning on a couple of them and each week we're trying some kind of food from that continent.
So, last week we studied Asia. We looked at several countries; India, China, and Israel. We mostly read about what their main religion is, languages they speak, and foods they eat. Some of our literature was about folktales from those countries and here are a few of the books we read:

We are also using the heck out of our Reader's Digest Children's Atlas. It has great illustrations and the book is HUGE, so you can really see things well. The map of each country is covered in pictures of things like landmarks, exports, animals, and traditions. I think it might be out of print, but you may be able to find it used somewhere.

We learned that the national bird of India is the peacock, so we made our own with paper and paints.

Now, this week we're on to Europe :)

April 6, 2010

My First Review

I'm so excited and flattered to say that I have been invited to join The Curriculum Choice's team of authors! At The Curriculum Choice, a team of home school moms from all different backgrounds review curriculum and let you know what they thought about it. It's been a pleasure to read and now it's a pleasure to be part of this great group of moms!
My first review posted today and you can check it out by clicking {here} or on the picture.

April 5, 2010

New Page

Hi there! Please go check out my new {About La Famille} page. I'm loving the 'pages' that Blogger came up with, so I'm working on some others too, but here's what I've got so far...

April 2, 2010

Daydreaming of Nature Study....

After months of cold and snow, it is finally feeling like Spring! Like the real kind of Spring...not the kind where it's gorgeous for a day, then it's a snow storm the next. We've had about 7 consecutive days of warm, Spring weather...yeah! I'll admit, since January we've been really slacking in the Nature Study area. We had two choices of things to study...snow & ice and that gets cold and old after a while :) (although we did have some fun studying snow!)
So, I've been daydreaming about Spring and getting out to study some amazing things. Here's what I want to study over this Spring and Summer.
  • Frogs! Yes, frogs! I have purchased a frog habitat from Target and we're awaiting our baby tadpole and we (I) plan on making our new pet a very educational one :)
  • Plants-also this Spring, I want to study plants for Nature Study and Science. I plan on covering the parts of a plant, photosynthesis, and for extra learning, we'll be talking about the scientist, George Washington Carver.
  • Wildflowers-this one might have to wait till the summer, but I want to take the kids on lots of nature walks this Summer and see how many different flowers we can find...I thought it'd be fun to have the boys do photo journals of what we find.

  • Birds and Eggs-I mostly want to study this because I have so many great books on birds and I want to put them to good use :) But besides that, my kids are fascinated by birds, so I know they'll love looking for birds on our nature walks.

    So...these are my tentative plans. Can you tell I've been in the house too long? :)
    Happy Nature Studying!

April 1, 2010

Birthday Crafting

Just wanted to share something super-cute I made for Sophie's birthday party. I had a ton of scraps of different prints of shabby-chic printed fabric and I wanted to do something fun with it, so I came up with this idea for a 'Happy Birthday' banner for Sophie's birthday party. (but I'm sure we'll use it more than just this time...)

So...all I did was trace my letters onto iron-on fusible paper and iron it on to the wrong side of my fabric. (follow the instructions on your fusible paper) Then I cut out all the letters. I used felt for my triangles because it's more sturdy then regular fabric and I thought it would lay nicely. After cutting my felt into triangles, I ironed on my letters to the felt.
After that, I added zig-zag stitching around each letter just to add a little something.
To connect all the triangles, I pinned them on to long pieces of ribbon and did a straight stitch on the top and the bottom of the ribbon so it was secure.

And that's it!
Super-cute banner to be used for princess parties and more tea parties and garden parties and...oh, I'm so happy to have a little girl :)
(but boys are super fun too ;))

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