December 31, 2010

{a look back at 2010}

Looking through this years posts to do a Top 10 Projects of 2010 post, I felt like I was paging through a big, fat scrapbook...and it was fun!

There were many things I'd forgotten about and even more things that I couldn't believe had happened just this year...they seemed like light-years ago.

But needless to say, like many of you, we've had lots of good, bad, weird, and fun times together as a famille in 2010.

Here's a recap of twenty-ten at La Famille:
{click the pics to read the entire posts}

We started out the year with a bang at the Hutchinson School for Boys.  Lots of projects, experiments, and fun times....

Our fun was quickly snuffed out when late one cold, dark, scary night in February, I discovered LICE on my kids' heads.

If you've only recently started reading my blog, please don't stop now.  They are gone.  Long gone.  And hopefully will never be seen again!

I'd like to mention that Kelly Ripa's kids also had lice this it's not just the Hutchinsons...celebrities also get lice :)

My oldest turned 8! *sniff*

My youngest turned 2! *sniff*sniff*

I started a Mama-share group at our church...
we've had so much fun this year :)

Oh, and in March, I started couponing...yes couponing big time!
My couponing partner in crime actually made the news about couponing!  So funny :)
(for the record, i think my neighbor, the news guy was desperate for a story :))

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We also managed to kill the cutest little frog sorry froggy :(

My little boy officially turned into a man with his first season of baseball!

July brought us to Egypt for our 4th year of VBS!
It was such a fun week.

Also in July, my little La Famille had it's first birthday! 
I know non-bloggers don't get us blog girls, but seriously...blogging has opened my eyes to opportunities and introduced my to some of the most talented, beautiful women EVER!  I love blogging and I'm so flattered and honored that you follow along with me.

In August, my middle man turned 5!

September brought us on a trip to the Black Hills...

...then I died and went to heaven at the Junk Bonanza!!
Cannot wait to go again :)

One of the biggest highlights on 2010 for me was starting my own little online shop, La Famille @ Home.
This has been so much fun for me...I have lots of plans for my business, and I'm loving every minute!

November brought along feelings of gratitude and thankfulness for all the blessings of the year.
We hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year and it was such fun.

And Christmas, ah Christmas.
My kids had a blast and mama had an attitude adjustment ;)

We've been blessed so much this year...overcome some difficulties, grew, changed, evaluated.
I'm way more of a "look ahead" person than "look behind" person...always planning and making lists...

I have some plans for 2011,

~ joining in with Beth Moore and her scripture memory challenge
~ learning more about my camera and photography
~ taking a "pantry raid" challenge with blog friend, Kim...challenging ourselves to spend only $100 on groceries this month!!
~ hopefully pulling off my very own handmade market this excited for this one!

These are a few plans, but the resolutions, I'll share tomorrow...

Happy New Year, sweet chickas!
And may God bless you in 2011!



Biz said...

Have a Blessed New Year!
I can only hope to learn more about my camera and photography too! You seem to be pretty awesome though so maybe I can learn from you ;)

Kayla said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! I really enjoy your blog...maybe someday I will have my own :)


Amy Kinser said...

I so enjoyed your year in review. What a wonderful family it looks like you have. I can't wait to spend more time with you.

Are you ready for the challenge? make sure to keep me posted.

God bless you and yours, Amy

danae said...

thanks for dropping by my blog! i'll have to look for you at the Scripture team posts!

you're blog is great, too, & i like the idea of the pantry challenge... maybe i will try that, too. and you have a great store. i look forward to browsing more later!

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

What a fun review. I was surprised to see you went to Junk Bonanza. Do you live in Minnesota? That's where I'm at.

Best wishes for a wonderful year :)

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