March 18, 2010

Sophia's 2!

After having two little boys, I never ever thought I'd have a little girl in my life. And when the doctor said those words, 'it's a girl,' I felt my eyes well up with tears of joy. Not that I would have loved another boy, but there's something about having a little someone in your home that wants to be just like you. Someone following you around with a rag and a broom, trying to be exactly like mama. I've posted on this subject before...but really, it's intimidating for a mother sometimes knowing there are two little eyes watching you like a hawk at all waking hours.
(just went potty)

So, today my baby is 2!! Two years since the doctor said those three little words that changed me as a mama forever. Two happy years of dresses and dollies, and many more to come.
So for Sophie's 2nd birthday, here's her two wishes from me:

#1: That you keep that crazy-determination you have...whatever you do in life, you'll be great at it!

#2: That you keep watching make me want to be a better mom and a better person :)
I love you, Sis! Happy Birthday!!
Love, Mama

PS: To celebrate, we're having a tea party this afternoon....more bday posts to come :)


Laura Melius said...

Isn't having a daughter grand? Somedays I still can't believe that God has blessed me with both boys and girls. I always thought I would have one or the other. After two boys, I thought I knew where that was heading! We didn't know what baby #3 was until she was born, and I remember Dr. Born saying, "You're just a little peanut!" and me asking, "WHAT IS IT?" I could have bawled like a baby, too, when she said, "It's a Girl" since she had probably known it for months. (Even with several ultrasounds, we didn't want to know.) Have fun celebrating with your baby girl. I wish all moms could have a daughter. They are a very special blessing indeed! Oh--Happy Birthday, Sophia!

legendswife said...

Oh-Happy Birthday, Sophia:) They grow up so quickly. Children are such a blessing!

September said...

Beautiful birthday wishes to a beautiful little girl, hope your tea party was perfect xxx

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