March 30, 2010

Artist Study- Henri Matisse

This month we studied Henri Matisse. He was an interesting artist because he not only painted, but he did a lot with paper collage and also interior decorating. We did not use a lot of resources, just Smart About Art: Drawing with Scissors and many of Matisse's art pieces. I love the Smart About Art book series because it is both fun to read and very informational too.

We made some collages with paper for our final Matisse activity. Their pictures could be either literal or abstract and here's what they came up with:

Noah's Collage

Jack's Collage (I helped with the leaves...:))


legendswife said...

Awesome. We learned about Henri Matisse last year.
Happy schooling:)

Cindy said...

This would be great for the CM Carnival I'm hosting next Tuesday!

Jamie said...

Fun project. :)

(Visit my NEW blog: See Jamie blog)

Jimmie said...

Matisse is our current artist too. We loved the Smart About ARt book as well.

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